Need Help in Korea? Call 1330 or 120!

Got lost while travelling in Korea?
Have to book an appointment at the very last-minute?
Need help in some translation?
Felt cheated and need help on the spot?

No worries! Just dial 1330 ~

Korea Tourist Service, Inc. is running ‘Tourist Information Hotline 1330’ that provides Koreans and foreigners with information about tour in Korea. Tourist Information Hotline 1330 also provides a translation service for tourists as a way to help foreign tourist as well as to provide useful tour information so that they can enjoy the tour in Korea more pleasantly.
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Moreover, 1330 hotline is operated 365 days, 24/7, offering 4 different languages (English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean) to anyone that needs help!(Not only for tourists, even locals as well!)

Read more about 1330 hotline over here and here.

What about Dasan 120?

Dasan 120 works the same as 1330, but Dansan 120 would cater much more detail information for Expats that are going to/ living in Seoul.

Some of the examples services that Dasan 120 offers:
– Tourism and tourist attractions
– Restaurants (Korean and international cuisines)
– Transportation (bus, subway, taxi etc..)
– Korean language schools & Centers, and foreign schools in Seoul
– Interpretation services
– Legal consulting
– Lost items
– Volunteer services
– Daily living in Seoul and other inquiries about Seoul

(Note: since 120 is also the number for complaints about Seoul City services, you can make complaints about taxi drivers/service, etc. here)

Check out more on Dasan 120 here.

Hope the 2 hotlines would help anyone of you!

Have fun travelling in Korea!

Next post would be talking about WIFI Egg Rental!!!
stay tuned~ (^o^)



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