Jinhae Naval Port Festival (Cherry Blossom in Jinhae) 진해군항제

People usually visit Japan or Taiwan for pretty Cherry Blossom. BUT!!!!
Do you know that Korea do have significant sights during Spring too?
YES! And I was glad that I managed to made my way through there last Spring! *Hooray*

The blossom scenery looks like Japan, isn’t it?

Seriously, the view of Yeojwacheon stream was breathtaking.
I’m so glad that we managed to make our way there to witness such beautiful scenery even though we got lost (YES! We literally got LOST) halfway.

Where is Jinhae?

Jinhae-gu (formerly known as Chinhae) is a district in Changwon City, South Korea. This region is served by the Korean National Railroad, and is famous for its Annual Cherry Blossom Festival every spring(early Arpil).
The city front is on a sheltered, island-studded bay, and is almost completely surrounded by mountains covered with pine trees.
The emblem of Jinhae contains a Cherry Blossom. (credit Wiki)

** There are possibly more cherry blossom trees to be seen here than in any other location in Korea, and although there are a couple of popular, groomed places for visitors to see them, you can find them strewn throughout the hillsides surrounding the town. (credit wikitravel)

For your information, Jinhae is much further down than Busan(by roughly an hour more); and it’s NOT easy accessible to Jinhae via KTX. (you need to have internal train transfer!)
For us, we decided to add Jinhae as part of our “Busan Stay Plan”, where it would be much easier for us to move around and not so tiring. (We planned a 3D2N stay over at Busan and visited Jinhae during our Day 2)

Direction 1 : Via KTX

KTX would reach slighty faster and more comfortably to Jinhae via Bus though. But do note that there’s is NO Direct train from Seoul station to Jinhae! You need to make a train transfer at
1) Masan station and transfer to Mugungwha train to reach Jinhae.
2) Miryang Station and transfers to Changwon, where there’s free shuttle buses that caters visitors to Jinhae.

Confusing isn’t it? And the cost of the ride in KTX is not cheap either. KTX offered a package name “Happy Rail Pass”(2,3, or 5days Pass) which you can ride unlimited times of KTX rides. *HOORAY* to students(world-wide) whose age 25yrs and below as there’s student rate as well!
The only con side is that you can’t book the time-slot of the rides via online book.(But hey! The rate is seriously cheaper ALOT!!!)

Direction 2: Via Bus

(cr: cristinejennifer.wp)

Express bus at Seoul Express Bus Terminal to Masan Express Bus Terminal
Then take bus No. 164 for Hyungwha Station or bus No. 160, 161,163 for Jinhae Station.
It takes 4 hour costing around 33,000 won for adults.

Express Bus Terminal to Masan (4hours 5min)
For complete bus schedules: http://www.kobus.co.kr (Korean, English)
20,600 won (General) – only 3 or 4 buses
30,500 won (Special) – majority of the buses

Then Masan Bus Terminal to Jinhae Station (approx. 40min)
1.600 won (more or less)

You can take bus 760, 160, or 162 to Jinhae. To find the bus stop, follow the dotted lines in the screenshot below. (credit back to KTO)

Bus 760 and Bus 160

Bus 162


You can take the “Intercity Bus” to Jinhae from Seoul Nambu Bus Terminal and walk or take a short shuttle bus(Bus 305 or 317 at the opposite side of Jinhae Intercity Bus Terminal) to the venue.

Directions to Nambu Bus Terminal Station : Exit #5
Bus Schedule: 07:00 ~ 23:15 (12buses per day, might increase OR remain depending on the crowd)

Travel Time: 4hrs 30mins
Cost: 26,100 won

PS: Please take note that Terminal Express Bus and Nambu Bus Terminal are both on Seoul Subway Line 3 (Orange)


Since I mentioned above that we were heading Jinhae from Busan, by right it should be just about an hour KTX train ride. BUT we alighted at the WRONG station and we were so lost to the fact that we decided to take a cab. The lady who works at the KTX station were so nice to help us flag a cab, making sure that he knows the road down the place for us to take another intercity bus to Jinhae before she allowed us to hop onto the cab!
It’s really a rare experience for us and thankful at the same time.

Some photos taken by your truly for you to view~ ^^

There are many different stalls selling food & snacks, game stalls and random stuffs!

Cute design! Mini-chicken bite on top and your drinks below~

No tripod, so Selca~~

There’s some other activites and performances during the period as well.

Artist who were currently in the miliarty MIGHT be involved in some of the performance as well.
Last year(2011), Super Junior – Kang In was involved (see the photo)

Well, we had fun time snacking on really random local delights while walking around Jinhae.
Even though the flowers ain’t fully blossom yet, but it’s already blossom half way through, about 60% – 70%! THe view was still good! *melted*

I hope you guys would have a chance to plan make you way there!
Have fun~~ =D

PS: KTO has already posted out the predicted blossom dates for Jinhae this year(2013). It’s 1st April – 10th April! Do pay a visit and have fun at the Jinhae Naval Port Festival too!



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