Korean Street Snack : 계란빵 “GyeRanBang” (Egg Cake) Recipe

계란빵 (GyeRanBang) known as Egg Cake/Egg Muffin, is a common winter street snack in Korea.
It consists of very basic ingredients like cake flour, sugar and egg.
I simply love this hot little snack and it taste a little sweet too!

Cant resist my temptation since I’m back in Singapore, I decided to find the recipe and bake it.

계란빵 “GyeRanBang” (Egg Cake) Recipe (can make 6 pieces)
(via KFood Addict)

The bottom bread

– 3/4 Cup Self-Rising flour (100g). or Multi-flour 100g with 1/4 Tsp of baking powder
– 1 Egg
– 1/2 Cup Milk
– 4 Tsp Sugar
– 1/4 Tsp Salt
– 1 Tsp Butter (or Olive oil)
– 1/5 Tsp Vanilla essence – Optional

For the filling:

– 6 Eggs
– 1 Bacon slice
– Ground parsley (I skip this as I can’t find any at home)
– Salt

Baking Steps:

1. Mix the flour with 4 Tsp of sugar, 1/4 Tsp of salt in a bowl.
2. Crack an egg into a bowl. Mix well.
3. Add the milk little by little into a bowl while stirring until it turns to a nice thick flour base
4. Coat the oil all side of baking pan. (oil spray recommended)
5. Pour the flour base into oval shape baking pan 1/3 much.
6. Crack the eggs one by one into each hole.
7. Put chopped bacon and a little bit of ground parsley on the top. A pinch of salt for flavor.
8. Bake it for 10-15 minutes at 180-200 degree.


– It’s good to fill the baking pan 1/3 full with flour base. If you add more than that, the egg will run over.
– Before filling the baking pan, spray(coat) the pan with some oil. It helps to take bread out easily from the hole after baking.
– If you don’t have baking pan, you can use a paper cup instead.
– You can sprinkle a little pepper on top to give the egg a little more fragrance as well!

YES! I used cute polka dot paper-cups instead since I couldn’t find my baking pan.


It’s really a simple snack to bake! Do give it a try if you want to bake something simple! (^o^)



7 thoughts on “Korean Street Snack : 계란빵 “GyeRanBang” (Egg Cake) Recipe

  1. Excellent post!!!

    I have been in Korea for 6 months, but I had no chance to see 계란빵 😦

    I ate it today at a Korean festival at Osaka in Japan.

    Do you have a post about 호떡?


    1. yyann

      Hi Nicolas,

      Wow! You’re from Japan?
      Thanks for dropping by my blog. ^^

      계란빵 usually only available during the cold period(late autumn to spring..)
      I didn’t tried 호떡 though, but you can try looking at Maangchi.com for it though. (:


    1. yyann

      Hi Dana,

      I have no idea! I couldn’t find oval mold in Singapore too.
      Maybe you would like to try ebay or amazon?




      1. Dana Hess

        What would it be sold as? Just an oval mold, or would I have to type in what it is used for to find it?


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