Random Random~~

Raise up your hand if Chen HanWei was once your crush after [七月俏佳人] drama, and the song above [关怀方式] was something you like. ^^
Oh well, it’s my favourite song since young though. Follow by Collin Raye’s [Love Me] .

I still remembered it was during one of the music lesson(s) after exams during primary 3? *Time flies~~*
My teacher just randomly picked up his guitar and start strumming this song.
I guess I have too soft spot for such love songs.

我的致命歌。。。 )=
때때로 인생은 너무 잔인하다..

Goodnight folks! It’s already 2.30am!!
Tomorrow will be an exciting day for me~
Stay tune to my twitter if you want to know what I’m up to. =D




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