2013 Seoul Friendship Fair


Marking its 18th anniversary, the downtown multi-culture festival will be held in Seoul Square and Mugyo-dong during the first weekend of May. The event will feature many programs such as exhibit of cuisines and folk culture of 60-plus countries, performances by Seoul’s sister cities (14 groups, 300 people) in foreign countries, exhibit of costumes of the world, music café, and nanum (sharing what you have with neighbors) event. (credit: Seoul Metropolitan Government)



Date:  4th – 5th May’ 2013 (Sat & Sun)
Venue:  Seoul Square, Mugyo-dong, Cheonggyecheon (Stream)
Website:  http://www.seoulfriendshipfair.org/


For those who will be heading to Seoul/currently in Seoul, do make yourself free to attend this event!
You will be exposed to many Exhibits, food stalls and different types of performance and people who comes from all-round the world!

I heard that there will be having a Guerrilla K-Pop flash dance mob at the event too.

Do join in the fun! (:



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