Lee Hyori & Shinhwa Comeback in 2013

PS: I can’t help but to post this entry before my long entries about the trip!

Lee Hyori(이효리)

The QUEEN is back with a new album!

For those who doesn’t know, Hyori debut as part of Fin.K.L back in 1998. Through the years even up till now, Lee Hyori has always been known as a sexy icon & fashionista among the Korean celebrities.

Guess what? B2M had recently released one of her new came-back song title, , from her upcoming album “Monochrome”.

Catchy tune and lyrics isn’t it?
That “M-i-s-s-y-k-o-r-r-ee-aa” just keep replaying in my brain. =/

Do keep an eye on 22nd May for her album yeah? (:


At the same time, Shinhwa(신화) is having their comeback with 11th album as well!

This year, Shinhwa is coming back with a brand new song with a strong electronic base.
I’m not commenting as a fan bias opinion, I really do like the music in the teaser even though it only last for 50 seconds.
At the same time, Minwoo had written the lyrics for 4songs, which would also be included in this 11th album as well.

I really love the fact that members in the same group writing their own song, cheorograph their dance together and setting a name for their album themselves. Wonder why the 11th album is name as “Classic”?

“Q: What does the title of the 11th album mean?

Just like the meaning that the word “classic” carries, it talks about value being added on as time passes. When you hear of the album, you can feel “So this is Shinhwa”. There is no other idol group apart from us who can do this now.”

– quote from TenAsia interview, eng trans by malpabo.tumblr.com

Do follow ShinhwaCompany Official Website, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube Channel for their comeback on 16th May!
I’m really excited for the 6men as the company had been tweeting both photos of the album and behind scene video(s) for the past few days. ㅋㅋㅋ
Really can’t wait to enjoy their music and performance once again! (:

Gonna end this entry now and continue on the trip photos.
Seems like many of the 1st generation K-pop stars are having their comeback in year!
So, is there anyone you’re looking forward for the comeback this year as well?
Do leave a comment if you does! ^^



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