Are you Ready to experience my Roadtrip? (:

I believed many of you were long waiting for FIT(Free Independent Traveller) blog entries.
Fred not!
I will be updating this road trip in my next few couple of entries including my trip buddy Calvin Timo (whom I gave him the nick as “幸福男人” in my blog).

Do stay tune alright? (:

At the same time, special thanks to the following sponsors that made this trip a really enjoyable and eye-open trip for me as well:

Korea Tourism Organization (Singapore)

Jeju Tourism Organization

Frasers Hospitality

The Shilla (Jeju)

Baume Couture Boutique Hotel (Jejusi)


And of course! Much thanks to


for sponsoring my Casio EX-ZR700 which captured many wonderful photos during the trip!
So much till I’m having a hard time to filter out which to post on my blog.



PS: Upon request, I had decided to edit out our 4D3N Jeju Self-Drive Jeju Itinerary on the excel spreadsheet.

You can click here and download in from 4shared alright? ^^

But hey! You promised to read our entries as well!
So don’t try to run away without read our entries because you have the itinerary already okay!

Do stay tune! (:



2 thoughts on “Are you Ready to experience my Roadtrip? (:

  1. cherry

    hi girl, i’ll be heading to jeju soon! on 20 odd may! can you advise what kind of clothes should i pack? 🙂 should i wear sweater like you?


    1. yyann

      Hi Cherry,

      The weather is starting to get a little warmer now in Korea and Jeju. You can pack summer clothings with cardi or a jacket along though. Maybe you can pack 1 think sweater or pull over incase as the wind over in Jeju might be a little strong at night as well. (:


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