Prepaid Sim Card in Korea?

S-Roaming had recently released the Mobile Prepaid Sim-Card with Data in it.
All of us were pretty happy using the prepaid card updating our SNS ‘LIVE’ back in Korea.

Want to know about their price plan?

There are a total of 3 different price range starting from :
44,000k won(est USD 44) *100MB Data
55,000k won(est USD 55) *500MB Data
66,000k won(est USD 66) *1GB Data

* Each plan includes an additional amount of 10,800k won for you to make both Local and International calls as well.
* Each prepaid card only have a life-spend of 1 month.
* Data bundle service can be suspended if there is no airtime left.

For more enquiries and information about this pre-paid card by S-Roaming, you can kindly check their site over HERE.

During my 10Days stay in Korea, I was given a trial on using the 1GB data plan.
To my surprise, I had only used a total of 800+MB of the data despite all my spam updates on my SNS.
(I called up the Telco and had a checked on the total usage of my data before my flight back to Singapore)

Still, much thanks to S-roaming for giving us a chance to try out your new product! I guess I will definitely get a prepaid card again for my future trips! (:

PS: If your concern is only about data network, do check out my entry talking about the Wifi Rental HERE.



9 thoughts on “Prepaid Sim Card in Korea?

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  2. SGER

    Thanks Yyann! (: I have email them already. Is this the only telecom that offer prepaid sim card? I saw olleh, it seem it only for rental and no Data.


  3. Kat

    Want to check, for the 1 GB data sim card, the price is only 66,000won right? Any additional charges? Do you know if the data can be shared with other smart phone or devices?



    1. yyann


      Yes. The 1GB data sim card from SRoaming is 66kwon nett.
      The data could be shared(if you on teethering) via ur phone, but of course, the data and battery would depletes very fast as well.
      If you have 2-3people sharing, I would recommend you to rent a Wifi Egg instead. πŸ™‚




  4. Hi,

    I just reserved this on their website and I was wondering, will they email the number in advance? Oh and it’s stated that we get to use Olleh WIFI for free, is it true? No problems for SG phones right?
    Sorry for all the questions hehe just wanted to be sure..

    Thank you!


    1. yyann

      Hi Izza,

      I’m afraid you could only have the number when you get there though.
      If you’re getting the prepaid card(its printed on ur card), while for the phone rental, they will print out the details for you.

      As for the Olleh WIFI, my phone couldn’t connect to it(be it on the subway or elsewhere), so I just use the data that is stored in my prepaid card though.
      No worries, if your phones were purchased from SG Telco(Singtel/M1/Starhub), it’s the unlocked version and it could be used right over there. πŸ™‚



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