Discover the Different Side of Seoul City

For those who had followed closely on the Facebook page of KTO Singapore would have known that we had a pretty relax day hanging around Seoul on our first day as we had an overnight flight from Singapore.

The 3 places that I’m going to introduce today(Our Day 1 itinerary) are :
1) Garosu-gil
2) Daehangro (대학로)
3) Dongdaemun(동대문)


Garosu-gil [Sinsa Station (Line 3), Exit #8]

As the Korean name implies (Garosugil means “tree-lined street”), this street is famous for the trees, which line both sides of the 700m-long promenade. In summer, the trees’ verdant green leaves provide welcome shade for shoppers and in autumn, these ginkgo trees turn golden. This sophisticated, up-and-coming street is flanked with all sorts of trendy shops and European-style cafes. (credit KTO)

Even though this is my 2nd trip down to Garosu-gil, I would says that it’s still pretty much interesting to me. We had a brief walk around and we managed to ‘unlock’ some hidden gems like pretty cafes and many designers’ stores in between the alleys! *HAHA*

The excited kid(s).

Random pretty spots/cafes in Garosu-gil that we couldn’t resist but start snapping photos with.

Guess what!
We even managed to locate the locate designer brand, “You Shim Won“, in one of the alley too!

Read more about You Shim Won design HERE.

Worried about expensive shopping?
SAVE IT! There’re also cheap street and alley stores along the way in Garosu-gil! ㅋㅋㅋ ^^

Time to grab some bite and since I was craving badly for Andong jjimdak (안동찜닭), we decided to head over to Se7en’s restaurant, Yeolbong Jjimdak.

We tried the level 3 spiciness…

and this is what you got when the spiciness got me cranky..

LOLS! I was pretty pai seh(embarrassed) as the cute waiter was kind of laughing at me, “crying”.

(For directions, do read up littlemisshoo entry HERE.)

After lunch, we crosse over the Han-river back to Yongsan District , heading to a brand new place.

Daehangro (대학로) [Hyehwa-dong Station(line 4), Exit #2]

Daehangno, widely known as College Street for the young people, is the former location of Seoul National University.In the 1980s, many theater groups started moving to Daehangno, and soon it developed into a Cultural Center. Many live-cafes, movie theaters, regular cafes and pubs sprung up in a short period of time and it grew into an entertainment district eventually. Its popularity is still maintained by famous small theaters such as Parangsae (Blue Bird) Theater and Hakjeong Theater, and some 30 additional theaters have concentrated here contributing to keeping Daehangno as the root-center of performance art in Korea. (credit KTO)

As this is my very first time walking around the area in Hyehwa-dong, everything seems refreshed and amuses me. I felt like a curiosity cat wandering in a new area. *MEOW*

We were greeted by colourful poo(s)!

Opps~ Calvin just poo-ed..

Saw a small crowd gathered by the kids who had just ended their school.
They seems really excited running towards one direction thus I followed their footstep…

Lovely for the kids while childhood snacks for the korean(s)!

Started our journey walking up the steep slopes to view the street art along the neighbourhood.

Along the ‘climb’~~

what a cute painting!

Mid-way of the slope


(credit photo below back to TW blogger: 韓流喵)

Some of the drama act posters along the street (credit as link)

After all those crazy slope walking, we decided to drop by one of the pretty cafes along the street.


Yes! We had BerryBerry PatBinsu (베리베리 빙수). Something of like our ice-kachang back in Singapore.
(The name of the cafe we walked in is called MYC Cafee. Sorry guys! I couldn’t manage to find any website about the branch. ㅠ ㅠ )

Our new handphone T-money~~

Energy replenished after a big bowl of dessert, and it’s time for some SHOPPING! *beams*

The urban sprawl of Dongdaemun draws in huge numbers of shoppers at all hours of the day. Quite simply, it is Korea’s largest wholesale and retail shopping district, boasting a staggering twenty-six shopping malls, over 30,000 specialty shops and more than 50,000 manufacturers. (credit KTO)

Nevertheless, I guess I don’t really have to introduce much to you guys about Dongdaemun, right? =P
I believed many of you(of most I guess?) heard about midnight shopping over at Dongdaemun~

(credit as link)

We bought something as a group too!

Our cute and fashionable glasses at only 8k won each.

Had our dinner in one of the random restaurant in the alley as well.
Nothing fancy for the first night since we want to experience like the local. ^^

Simple side-dishes (반찬;)



Soybean paste Stew / 된장 찌개

Of course, not forgetting the Soju~ *laughs*

Alright guys! I shall end off the entry here. I hope you guys enjoyed the new findings about Korea like I do. Start doing your research now! GO~

And ANd AND..So sorry to have a photo flood in this entry though. ㅋㅋㅋ

Stay tune to check out more about the places we visit in Seoul in Day 2 as well!
안녕~ ^^


PS: Photos with my watermark are taken with Casio Exilim ZR700 with #NOTOUCHUP.
Mode Used: Premium Auto Pro, Best Shot, Art Shot(Toy Camera, Light Tone, POP)


14 thoughts on “Discover the Different Side of Seoul City

  1. Adeline

    I have attended the travel korea talk organized by KTO. In the session, you shared about doing Panmunjom visit with Paju outlets. I have search through all the tours available to Panmunjom but all are depart and return to Seoul.

    seek your kind advice how this can be done since visiting Panmunjom has to be on guided tour?

    Does the tour allow alighting at Paju Outlets?
    If it does, which tour agency is this?


    Warm regards


    1. yyann

      Hi Adeline,

      I hope you had a great time during the workshop. ^^
      Yes, most tour visit to Panmunjom usually is a half day or 3/4day tour which depart and return back to Seoul city. But if you do not wish to return back to Seoul so soon, you might have to discuss this and make your way through to the Paju Book City(either Provence Village/Heyri Art Valley) on your own(or it depends the tour that you’re taking; some might consider to drop you over at certain place). Same goes for the Paju Premium Outlets.(this is the link for the premium outlets shopping)

      At the same time, if you wish to stay a night over in Paju area, feel free to clink on the BnBHERO site which they have a few good listings for you to book, or you can try Jijihyang Hotel (지지향) which I had posted HERE before. (:

      I hope I had answered your enquiries.

      Elizabeth (yyann)


    1. yyann

      Hi Madeline,

      The colourful street is in the area of Daehangro. You can drop over at Hyehwa-dong Station(line 4), Exit #2 and walk about there. (:



    1. yyann

      Hi Melody,

      Yes, I went to the outlet over in Sinsa station.
      I happen to saw the huge logo in the alley before walking down the street.(I heard that it has been re-located and the one I dine in is the newly located area).




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  3. Valerie

    Hi! Do you have the walking directions to the street art? Especially the brick stairs with flower painting? Thanksss!


      1. Valerie

        Hey yyann,
        Thanks for your update!
        Is the whole area closed for reno or there are still area that is open for visit? Hopefully the reno is done in different phase..


      2. yyann

        Hi Valerie,

        It’s part of the place under reno I remember, especially the part where you can sit on the stairs and pose with flowers.
        As off when would be the reno be fully over, i’m not very sure about it. *so sorry!*

        But you could still be able to head over that area to look at other wall paintings too! 😀



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