[Hotel Review] Fraser Place, Central Seoul

Much thanks to Fraser Place, I get to stay in Hotel(or rather Service Suite) in Seoul again!
*Big grins*

(photo cr as link)

Located over at Jung-gu district, Fraser Place Central Seoul is right smack in the middle of the 2 Main Subway gate, Seoul Station and City Hall, with a walking distance of about 5-10mins.

(You can easily stock up with your food supply/food shopping at the main Lotte Mart over at Seoul Station!)

Both Calvin and I were super lucky to be upgraded (due to not enough rooms :P) to a Two Bedroom Super Deluxe Room (est 480,000 KRW/night).

Let’s have a short tour to my apartment. ^^

Once upon stepping in, I was greeted with a long yet spacious walk-way connected to the living room.


So spacious till I can roll around the entire place.. *just kidding*

That’s Calvin posing during the day though. HAHA

Since this is a service apartment, of course there would have an attached kitchen space that comes along with it.

They have all types of cutleries, basic pot and pans available here! *thumbs up*

My saver when my clothes did not dry on time..
The Iron board and Iron! =P

My favourite source of entertainment whenever I’m in Korea. *ㅎ ㅎ*

Since this is a 2bedroom apartment, here’s a short preview of the 2nd bedroom.

*SORRY PPL*.. I guess I was too tired. *Guilty*
I only managed to nap a photo of the masterbed room though. It’s so huge that I think it can sleep 4people. (O.o”

**Master Bedroom includes a mini-walk in walk-in wardrobe and a huge dressing table**

Just a little pity that there’s no bathtub in here. *shrugs*
Oh well, I guess not everyone’s home have that too though.. 😀

Fraser Place, Central Seoul
[kr]서울특별시 중구 통일로 78 서소문 사거리,
중앙일보 빌딩 맞은편
대표번호: 02-2220-8888
팩스: 02-2220-8880

[Eng]202, Uijuro 1-Ga, Jung-Gu,
Seoul, Korea 100-130
Tel: +82 2 2220 8888
Fax: +82 2 2220 8880

E-Mail: reservation_central@frasershospitality.com

Check out their website HERE and HERE. (:



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