Our Self-Drive Journey in Jeju Island (Day1-1)

Considering the nation largest island, Jejudo Island is located over at the southwest of the Korean Peninsula, an hour domestic flight ride from Gimpo Airport.

Jejudo Island (제주도) is a volcanic island in the shape of an oval that measures 73km from west to east, and 31km from north to south. As Korea’s most southern region, the weather on Jejudo Island remains significantly warmer than the mainland even during the cold winter months. (cr: KTO)

Do You Know:

Jeju Island is also known as “Samdado Island”(삼다도). Sam(삼) means 3, while Dado(다도) means most/many. It means on Jeju Island, the 3 things that you’ll see /experience the most are Rocks, Wind and Women.
Wind from the ocean blows steadily throughout the year and past volcanic activity has littered the island with an assortment of beautiful and unusually shaped black rocks. The island’s reputation of having an abundance of women points back to the time when fishing was the primary means of income and many men were lost at sea.


Upon arriving over at Jeju International Airport, we were warmly greeted by the Jeju Tourism Organization Team.
Thank you for the warm hospitality and all the informative info(s) regarding Jeju Island! (:


For those who’re renting car over in Jeju, you’ll need to head over to those counter booths located along the walkway once you stepped out of the immigration gate after collecting your luggage.
There’re quite a couple of them over at the airport and I believe most of them understands simple English. Do head over to the respective counters with your booking details and they will direct you to the shuttle bus, where it will ferry you to the car rental company.(about 5mins ride away from the airport)

As for Calvin and me, we had made a reservation with Jeju Rent-A-Car. (Currently, the site is only available in KR; but there are staffs who understands English over here. You can drop them an email over at JJRENT15883301@gmail.com.)

Small office over at Jeju-Rent A Car

A sample of the car rental rates. Do check it out on their website HERE.

Friendly staff helping me out on my reservation.

Worried about getting lost? There’s GPS(in both Korean & English for now..Japanese will be available in the future!) to guide you along the way~

Go Addy! Both Calvin and I were her first passengers for her virgin drive in Jeju. =P

Along the way…

Calvin giving an expression of… worried or happy?

If you had downloaded the itinerary that I had provided over HERE, you would have realized that we’re travelling in a anti-clockwise direction starting from the West.

Do You Know About Jeju Olle Trail?

In the local Jeju dialect “Olle” was originally used to refer to the narrow path between the street and one’s doorstep. Hence ‘Olle’ is an only path that is come out from a privately secret room to an open space and a first place to meet the world. If the road is connected, it is linked to the whole island and the world as well. It is the same sound “Would You Come’ in Korean language, so making Jeju Olle sounds the same as “Would You Come To Jeju?” (cr: Jeju Olle & KTO)

At the same time, “Jeju Olle Walking Trail Festival” is an event which will be held yearly, roughly near to the Autumn season. The festival usually last about 4days(each day with a different route to complete); while you can also try walking the full 16routes within a week and get 16different stamps on your Jeju Olle Passport. ^^

Our first Pit-Stop:

Jeju Olle Trail Route no. 16 (Geumsan Park)

Geumsan Park is consider one of the smaller Tracking path where the locals love to pay a visit whenever they are free. We learnt from a local that Geumsan Park is a place where one could find peace within the park.(I have no idea why but it reminds me of Kungfu Panda.ㅋㅋ)

Olle Trial Ribbon Markings

These Blue and Orange ribbons are signs or marking where you could check it one is on the right track while trackking.
Blue ribbon – Trail no. walking in Ascending number
Orange ribbon – Trail no. walking an Descending manner

Next up, we drove over to Gueom Port which is a short distance away from the Park.
*Read more of the description from Calvin‘s post. :P*

Getting our stamp! Yahooo~ Route 15 completed! ^^

Yeah! That’s me on the wheels. =D

Pit-Stop 2: Hyeopjae Beach

Hyeopjae Beach is a popular beach among both the locals and tourists. Those beautiful white sand comes from the large amount of crushed seashells which have been mixed in within the sand. The long seashore stretches for 9 km and has cobalt colored seawater and evergreen forests scattered around the vicinity, making the scenery very beautiful. The little island behind it is “Biyangdo Island“.

Feels like jumping into the sea and have a swim in those clear blue water!! *sighz*

Spotted a cute restaurant name ‘Big Burger’ and we decided to give it a try.

Cute cozy little restaurant and is managed by a local family.

And they sell some local Jeju souvenirs too~

When our food arrives, we were totally ‘WOW‘ by the size of it.

So huge right!
So this restaurant really sells BIG Burger. LOLS!

*nom Nomm Nommm*

I’m ending this entry off with food again *hahaha..evil me*
But I promised ext entry up will be something interesting and NOT ending it with food again alright!

Stay tunned to (D1-2) entry! ~ 😀

[Photos with watermark are taken with Casio Exilim ZR700]
[Photos w/o mark credits back to Calvin, Addy, KTO SG & JTO(Jeju Tourism Organization)]



20 thoughts on “Our Self-Drive Journey in Jeju Island (Day1-1)

  1. fei

    Hi, love your pics! I will be going jeju in mid Oct and wondering how long does it take to drive from jeju airport to hyeopjae beach approx?
    Thanks in advance!


  2. YeeYee

    Hi, I cant seem to find the direction to Geumsan Park from Jeju airport. Do you have more info how to get there? tqvm!


  3. Amos

    Did you have to provide your local driving license details on Jeju-rent-a-car website when you book your car? And did the Kumho counter in the airport ask for you local driving license? Is International driving license alone enough to rent a car? Thanks!


    1. yyann

      Hi Amos,

      Well, you need to register and get yourself an International Driving License(cost about 30sgd and valid for 1yr).
      They will give you your temporary driving license, which you NEED to produce it only when you are getting your car in Jeju. There’s no need to provide it to them while booking(unless they ask for it)

      For Jeju-rent-a-car, you need to have at least a 2yr license(if i did not rbm wrongly) in order to rent the car. 🙂

      Hope it helps!



  4. Yvonne

    I’m planning a 2d1n self drive trip to Jeju too. How do they charge (hourly or by day)? Cause I found one website, they charge in hourly basis which is quite ex. Thank youuu!


  5. Jane

    I’ll be using jeju-rent-a-car for my trip this time and was wondering if you booked as a non-member or member. i noticed the prices are quite different. Will it be cheaper if i just head over instead of booking online? Thank you.


    1. yyann

      Hi Jane,

      Sorry for the late reply.
      I had tried to book it as non-member as the membership does not cater to the foreginers.
      You can try to book it on the spot, but it would be a risk as there might not have a vehicle for you though.

      Hope you understand it. =)
      Have a great trip!



  6. Thanks for that post !
    I’m going to go to Jeju Island in two weeks and I also rented a car.
    Are these cars convenient as korea cars we can find in Seoul for exemple ?
    I’m just worried a bit about this, cause coming from France, our cars are little bit different as Korean one, and especially manual transmissions.
    Thanks !~
    Keep on the good work !
    Kevin 케빈


    1. yyann

      Hi Kevin,

      Thanks for the encouragement~ ^^

      As for the rental of car in Jeju, yes, those are the same and common cars you get to see in Seoul.
      I’m not sure about the manual transmissions because I tried the auto car when I had my drive over there.

      Just to let you know, all drivers in Korea are on the left! Hope it helps~
      Have a great trip! ^^



  7. Eileen

    Hi yyan, I’ll be visiting Jeju next month and planning to self-drive. I realized that it’s kinda difficult to find the exact locations of places of interest on google maps. Was wondering how you guys went about finding the GPS coordinates to key in (or the phone number) for the various places? In particular the parking locations for Geumsan Park and Mount Songaksan?

    Thanks for your very informative blog! (:


    1. yyann

      Hi Eileen,

      Yes, you just need to key in the Tel. no. of the location and the GPS would locate you to the destination.
      Most of the attractions would have parking lots, but as for Geumsan Park, I do remember there’s no parking lots over there. We just parked outside of the entrance for about 30-45mins to tour the entire park though. 🙂

      Hope it helps!



  8. N90fanatic

    My wife and I will be going to Jeju island this September for a medical congress. We’re from the Philippines. How much does the car rental cost? What papers are needed for the car rental aside from driver’s licence and passport. Is the IDP (international driving permit) absolutely required? Thanks!


    1. yyann

      Hi Danilo,

      The car rental chargers depends on what types of CC of cars you choose. The range starts from 40,000k won ~ 100,000++k won per day.

      At the same time, you need your passport and IDP upon rental(at the airport counter) and back at the rental company itself.
      Hope it helps! ^^



  9. Your posts are very very helpful! Awesome work!

    As for renting, I saw that you wrote if we rent on the spot, we might not be able to get the vehicle we want. So is it better to rent online first? And which company would you recommend?

    As I will be renting a car in Jeju, as for this area : Jeju Olle Trail Route no. 16 (Geumsan Park), I am very fascinated by your pictures. I have looked through the site and it says route no. 16 is pretty long but we would like to explore this magical-looking forest area. Do you know if we can just walk through this area and are there any parking lots nearby?


    1. yyann

      Hi Alvina,

      Thanks for reading this humble blog! Hope it’s useful enough.. =P

      As for the rental of the car, if you prefer something more international, there’s Hertz rental over in Jeju.
      I had personally tried Jeju Rent A Car and liked their services pretty much though.

      While for the route 16, there is a small parking area at the entrance of the Geumsan Park where you can park your car temporary. (=

      Hope it helps!



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