Self-Drive Journey in Jeju Island (Day1-3); Scenic views in Seogwipo + Abalone Shabu Shabu

Pit Stop 5: Sanbanggulsa Cave Grotto (산방굴사)

San 16, Sagye-ri, Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do
제주 서귀포시 안덕면 사계리 산16

It is said that the peak of Mt.Hallasan where Baekrokho Lake now exists was taken off and thrown away, which then became Mt. Sanbangsan. The myth describes how unlike other mountains on Jejudo Island, this mountain does not have a crater. The 5m-high rock cave at the cliff on the southwest side of the mountain was originally called Sanbanggul Cave, but it is called a temple now because it possesses a Buddhist statue.
This is where monk Hye-Il (964~1053) had lived during the Goryeo Dynasty (918~1392) (cr: KTO)

Read this Notice before you start your tracking up to Sanbangsan Mountain & Sanbanggulsa Cave Grotto~ ^^
No smoking is allowed. ^^

Along the way

*Warning: It’s a proper path but with TONNES of steep stairs. =X *

Finally after 30mins of walking..

The lady(who’s a local) told us that the water dripping from the ceiling is a form of ‘blessing water’, where one will gain luck and health after drinking it. You can simply enter into the cave with any amount of donations for the offerings and you’ll be able to drink the ‘blessing water’ as well. (:
Sadly, we were in a hurry and none of us brought our wallets out from the car. *LOL*

Over from the cave, you’re able to have a good view of Songaksan Volcano.

Pit Stop 6: Mount. Songaksan (송악산)

Mount Songaksan is also named as 99Bong (99Peaks) due to its 99 small peaks. The road from Sanbanggulsa Temple to Mount Songak is one of the famous coastal drive with breathtaking scenic views. At the same time, many tourists had agreed that Mount Songak is known to have the best panoramic scenery, considering 1st runner-up right after Mount Halla.

Sadly, we were too tired to climb the mountain but settled down near the mid to enjoy the scenery instead.
*Oh Lord Please! It’s our first day and all those climbing(s) almost killed us!!*

Does this port looks familiar?

According to reports, one of the top famous TV drama 大長今 (Dae Jang Geum) was filmed here. 😀

HAHAHA! *acting hyper* like we finished the climb.


Pathway up the mountain.

Note to self/girls: NOT to have BANG fringe in Jeju or you’ll end up like me. (-.-“

As the sky is getting darker, we decided to head to a local well-know Shabu Shabu restaurant to have our dinner before checking in to the hotel.

(Apparently they have quite a few outlets in Jeju~ ^^)

The design is so cute.. ㅎ ㅎ

Quick preview of the menu.
(We had the Abalone Seafood Beef Shabu Shabu Set, 22,000k won)

*slurp*..and I’m so hungry while typing this entry. (-.-“

The Shabu Shabu soup base was indeed very tasty even we start cooking our seafood in it!
The only word I could described the aftermath taste of the soup with the seafood is .. 대박!

Look Look Look! And the it taste freaking F-R-E-S-H!

This is really NOT an advertisement for them alright. The seafood and the soup taste really good though. After all, Jejudo Island is famous for their seafood especially Abalone.. 😛

I’m not only a polka dot lover, but an Abalone freak too.  *HAHA*
I’m very satisfied! =P

Since I’m the driver while Calvin is not, thus he’s only given the spinach mandus(dumplings) and noodles.

*Soup base and Vegetables are refillable. (:

The dinner was indeed a satisfying one for us and it’s time to check in the most luxurious 5-star hotel that the Jeju Tourism Organization had prepared for us for the night.The one and only resort that even the locals are willing to fly over from Seoul to have a staycation in!

Are you ready to read it?

Check out in my next entry then. =P
*Dang Dang Dang Dang*

[Photos with watermark are taken with Casio Exilim ZR700]
[Photos w/o mark credits back to Calvin, Addy, KTO SG & JTO(Jeju Tourism Organization)]



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