The Shilla

The Shilla, Jeju, located over in Jungmun District, is one of the well-known prestigious hotel in the world.
With the overlooking Pacific Ocean behind the resort and tranquility of Mt. Halla, The Shilla Jeju is definitely one of the best place to stay or even have a staycation for the locals. As a world-class resort, the service focuses on satisfying guests beyond their expectations

The Perfect Place to Get Away From It All
The Sounds of the Pacific Ocean Waves, the tranquility of Mt. Halla and the Star-filled
night sky make the THE SHILLA JEJU a true delight for all the senses.
THE SHILLA JEJU is truly the perfect place to escape.
– The Shilla

The view of the entrance of The Shilla

Okay, I cheated alright. The photo below is taken the day after since I checked in at night. (-.-”

Even waiting lobby of each level looks so posh! I’m really luck to stay here just a night!
Thank you so much Jeju Tourism for the hospitality! ^^
FYI, The Shilla Jeju implants the Classic European design for their hotel. (:

Excited about my room tour? C’mon!

Greeted with a huge queen size bed, where I rolled around at night. ㅋㅋㅋ

The wonderful mini bar counter in the room

The Shilla provides both Internet Cable and Wifi(FREE) in all their rooms! *Thumbs Up*

I ❤ big mirrors. All GIRLS ❤ big mirrors. 😛

I love the fact that Shilla Hotel prepared everything that one might or might not even need it! I’m really surprised that they provides hair rubberband(s), hair-band and mini perfume for the guests!


Ohhh~ ❤ the Molten Brown too..ㅋㅋㅋ


Enough about my room. Let’s have a night tour about Shilla Hotel to check out their facilities. ^^

The huge and pretty pool with Cavana(s) beside.

You can even soaked in the Soombi Jaccuzi(outdoor) and watch Soccer Match! *cool*

Too cool to be in the pool? You can gather at the ‘bar station’ or gather around the “mini-fire pit” with a few friends to chit-chat. During late night, there’s live band performing to your song(s) request as well. ^^

Do You Know : 1

Shilla Hotel provides Winery Tour at night, both indoor and outdoor(Garden).

(price range est 55,000k ~ 80,000k won)


You are right! You can enjoy a Glamping experience in Shilla Hotel as well!!
(Each ‘tent’ have a chef who will cook for you!)

I went crazy and jumped into the hammock once I saw it. *HAHAHA*

There’s even a small playground for the kids!


Back in the hotel indoor facilities, there are other places to venture in as well!

Apart from the indoor pools and Fitness Gym, there are mini play-rooms/basketball court for the younger kids as well! They even have workshops(starting from 15,000k won per class) for kids to enjoy while parents could have their ‘private’ time. 😛

At this point of time, something excites both Calvin and I…..


ㅋㅋㅋㅋ cute ‘models’

Time for a rest and I found this sweet note on my bed with along with the Tangerine Choco Biscuit from the Shilla Hotel Staff upon my return.
Personally, I really feel that this is really a very thoughtful way to cheer a guest. (:

Good Morning!  좋은 아침!   おはようございます~~

Waking up with the view of Mount Halla from my bed. This is seriously something that many of you wished for I suppose? *heeheehee*

Time for breakfast and we were anticipating for it. Reason?
We heard from many reviews that Shilla Hotel breakfast is the BEST in town. They served BUFFET SPREAD.
Not just your breakfast food! It’s literally BUFFET! =/

They even have a Coffee Counter! =O

The 3 of us really had sumptuous breakfast before we start our ‘journey’ for the day! 😛

For a better digestion, we decided to have a last short walk around the Shilla Hotel before we embark on our journey to the other locations in Jejudo Island.

Day view of the pool

Garden walk that leads to…


Fabulous view of the Pacific Ocean and the Jungmun Saekdal Beach, agree?
FYI, there’re paths down to the beach and I heard that there are a total of 21 private beach house as well! *gasp*

Selca Time~ *my hair…zzz*

Yes Sir?! *Nope*.. It’s the Sun too glaring.. *LOLS*

I don’t wanna go home!!! Can I stay here , pretty please? *HAHA*

Last view before we head off for our first destination for the day.

Day view of the parking area in Shilla Hotel.

To be honest, I’m really really thankful for the opportunity to have a chance to check-in The Shilla. No doubt as a FIT traveller, most of the time we would love to look for a budget accomodation(typical mindset thinking for all huamans) for a short stay over especially in an Island.
But if you’re asking me for my opinion, I’m really recommending you guys to stay at least 1 full day over in The Shilla to enjoy this little “miniture town”(which I called it) as staycation.
Apart from running away from the buzzling city like Singapore and Seoul, one would really be able to enjoy and relax your mind and soul over here.

And guess what! I’m even planning to pay this place a visit AGAIN in my next trip with my parents! I’m serious about it!
You can have my words that you’ll truely enjoy every moment once you stepped into this hotel. (:

At the same time, Thank you so much to JTO(Jeju Tourism Organization) for booking this accommodation for us. Most importantly, Thank You to Shilla Hotel Management and staffs who gave us all their attention and services during the stay.
너무 감사합니다. (:

Enough of it.
Wonder what are the places that awaits both Calvin and I embark on?

Do Stay tune for my very next Post!
Till Then, 안녕! ^^

[Photos with watermark are taken with Casio Exilim ZR700]
[Photos w/o mark credits back to Calvin, Addy, KTO SG & JTO(Jeju Tourism Organization)]



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