Self-Drive Journey in Jeju Island (Day3-2) – Udo Island, Perfect Day Trip for All Age

Udo-myeon, Jeju-do
제주 제주시 우도면

Udo Ferry + Entrance: 5,500k won
Car Entrance: 15,000k won

Udo Island(우도), which is known as Cow Island(牛岛 in Chinese), is a 15mins ferry ride away from the main Jeju Island. Located over at the eastern end of Jeju Island, the Island was named as Udo because it resembles a lying cow.

Udo Island is about 17km wide and which no doubt, Olle Trail Route 1 starts from this mini island itself.
Over here, you could see many flowers and crops grown across the island which were separated by Jeju basalt rock walls. At the same time, the roads over in Udo island were really bumpy and narrow with many curvy turns, where the bus tour-guide joked that he’s going to speed like a car racer(with the bus, but he didn’t. :P).

Found a clip on the net about Udo Island.

That’s Calvin and I over at Seongsan Port.
(I have no idea why he wants to strangle me.=x)

The queue for getting the ferry tickets. =/

That’s the huge ferry that ferry us to Udo Island and some cars as well~


Oh yeah! You can rent bike/ATV/scooters or even take a bus ride to travel around Udo Island.
PS: The bus driver will speak in Korean. So if you’re not interested in knowing what he’s speaking, it’s fine.

Rough Estimation Rate for Rental:
Bike: 5,000k won/hr
AVT: 20,000k won/hr
Scooter: 15,000k won/hr

Bus Ride: 5,000k won(all day round)

Saw Tteokbokki at one of the stall and couldn’t resist my temptation while walking up to Udo-bong. *Slurp*

HAHAHA! Got caught in action

Pretty flowers..

At the peak of Udo-bong

Yeah! That’s one of the famous floating restaurant in Udo with Seongsan Ilchulbong at the back.

Pretty canola flowers but I’m going against Calvin to do the gwiyomi. *LOLS*

There’s even field trips for little kids! Cute!

Next location is to head up to Udo Lighthouse Park, which is located right up at the PEAK.

Midway of the love-hate stairs

Calvin happily posing for photo cause he ran up first, leaving the sick me stroll like an old granny.

Look at what I found!! *ewwwwwwwww* RIP sun-dried lizzy~

Beautiful day view of the Lighthouse.


10mins break and here we go again.

Seriously, you can NEVER gain weight in Korea despite all the eating and munchies along the way. Just walking alone burns all your calories. *HAHA*

Hello Canola. You’re beautiful 🙂

Random shot at one of the shop-houses cafe.

We hitched on the bus and arrived to the next destination, Seobin Baeksa Beach.

Seobin Baeksa (a coral beach designated as Natural Monument No. 438) has appeared regularly in films (including Il Mare) and TV commercials thanks to its breathtaking white sand and emerald blue sea. The sea around the beach showcases different colors depending on the water level. These make Seobin Baeksa one of the most popular tourist attractions along with Hallasan Mountain on Jeju Island. (cr: KTO)

So pretty right! Look at that clear blue water!
I bet you guys want to jump in and swim, just like me. 😦



Look at the white pebbles!

*Ahhhhh* Feels so 幸福 to be on the beach. *LOL*

PS: Please do not attempt to bring home those pebbles. It’s illegal and you’ll be FINE! (>_<)


So we headed back to Jeju main land to watch the performance of Haenyo Diver Women(read HERE).
We drove aimlessly around that area and finally settled down at a random local restaurant for lunch.

Creative decoration! 😀

Menu of what selling in the restaurant
Seriously, you guys just have to be brave and walk into any local restaurant and try their food.
I realized that most of the menu will placed outside of the restaurant(like above) to people/tourists to view before you decided if you want to give it a try. 😀

Simple yet delicious banchan. (we LOVE that little crab banchan on the bottom left. :P)

Finally got a taste of 부추전 (Buchu jeon)

Here comes the STAR – 전복죽(Jeonbok Juk/Abalone Congee)
The first look of it might not be appealing to many of you, but you’ll be amazed by the taste. 🙂
The entire abalone(yes, even with the shell) were used as ingredient to cook this dish.(The ahjumma told us that they’ll crashed and grind the shell to powder form, mixed and cooked it with the congee)
Kind of funny, but it has a little sweet taste aftermath. *HAHA*

Do You Know: 전복죽(Jeonbok Juk) is one of the common food yet MUST TRY for tourists who visit to Jeju Island? 😀

So what are you waiting for?

I’m feeling so hungry and slight withdrawal syndrome while editing the entry for you guys.
I hope you guys had fun reading through my entries though. 🙂


[Photos with watermark are taken with Casio Exilim ZR700]
[Photos w/o mark credits back to Calvin, Addy, KTO SG & JTO(Jeju Tourism Organization)]



14 thoughts on “Self-Drive Journey in Jeju Island (Day3-2) – Udo Island, Perfect Day Trip for All Age

  1. Daphne

    Hi yyann,
    May I how long you spent at Udo Island? I am planning for my trip to Jeju from 15-18 Jun. Did you took the earliest ferry out and how much is the ticket? Is the bus tour a hop on&off ride to all the places of the nice pics that you have taken? I’m keen on the sunrise peak as well.


    1. yyann

      Hi Daphne,

      I spent about 2-3hours over in Udo Island as I didn’t explore the entire Udo Island. People usualy spent 1/2 day there though. (:
      The ferry ticket was 5,500k won for ferry(to & fro) & Entrance ticket to Udo Island itself. The bus ride over at Udo cost anoter 5,000kwon and yes! It’s a loop bus where you can hop on and off to all the places. (:



  2. Shiyun

    Hi Yyann,

    Thanks for sharing your itinerary! 🙂 I’m currently planning my self-drive trip in Jeju. I see that you didn’t bring your car over to Udo Island. Is there a parking available at Seongsan Port and what are the charges like?

    Was it difficult / confusing to drive around Jeju? It’s my first time driving overseas and am kind of nervous about it…



    1. yyann

      Hi Shiyun,

      Hope my entries help in your planning though. ^^
      Yes, I didn’t bring our car over to Udo island as it’s find of hard to drive over there too. THere is a very big open space carpark over at Seongsan Port where you can park your car. I can’t remember if I paid for the parking fee though, thus you might want to check it out over there? 😉

      At the same time, like I had mentioned the little tips over in my entry, driving over in Jeju shouldn’t be a problem.
      Just remember to stay calm and drive slow! It would be better for you to have at least 2 drivers in the car(or at least among you & ur friends) so that you guys could take turns on it. 🙂
      I hope I had clear your doubts! Do have fun in Jeju! 😀



      1. Shiyun

        Thanks Yyan! 🙂 Your entries are really helpful, not to mention your itinerary also helped alot. Ok, i will go check it out when I am there!

        It’s solo trip…thanks for your encouragement! :):)



  3. HI. Thanks for sharing your moments at Jeju. I will visit jeju next month for a conference and I will stay for a night only. So considering the conference I left with 1 and a half day. Seeing your post, on your 3rd day you manage to go to many places. Can you please share roughly your time schedule? Thank you.


    1. yyann

      Hi jaj,

      I would like to ask where is the location of your conference be held over at? If it’s in town area, it would be alright.
      But on the other hand, the reason why I could go many places was because I started off from the East(where I had stayed 1night over at), and I drove around a little to check on the locations the previous day.
      If you have left with only 1 and a half day, I would suggest you to stay the night over at Seogwipo as most of the attractions are located over there. Travelling in Jeju is pretty tiring(even though you drive) thus I would rather you focus this small area for your first time.

      Do plan a longer trip to travel around in Jeju next time! (:
      Hope it helps!



  4. lyn

    hi yyann,
    thank you so much for writing such an informative blog and truly helps us in our planning. I would like to ask if you can still recall any entrance fees applicable for children age below 7.

    thank you


    1. yyann

      Hi lyn,

      I can’t really remember, but I do know the mostly it’s free for children.(not sure if age applies)
      But I do believe the entrance fees for them doesn’t hit more than 3-5k depends on the places. 🙂



  5. poh

    Hi yyann, why is it difficult to drive our rental car in Udo?
    We have a children with us and would like to explore the island with our rental car..


    1. yyann


      I’m sorry to tell you that I did not drive my car over to Udo though.(But you can try if you want to).
      But I do hear that its not really recommend to do so as the roads on the island is rather small and narrow. Even though I paid for the bus ride in the island, the drives did warn us about the narrow too.

      But rest assured, its rather easy to travel around Udo via Bus ride even with the kids. 🙂

      Hope it helps!



  6. hi,may I know how can you reach the Udo bong? do you take the bus tour or you walk? if i take the bus, i can go to udo bong and return to the port with one ticket (5000 won)?



    1. yyann


      Over at Udo bong, you can take the bus tour easier.
      I think the entire island ride ticket is about 10,000won(unlimited rides).




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