Happy 8th Anniversary, SS501(더블에스오공일) and Thank You. (=

8주년 축하합니다!
우리는 참을성 반환을 기다립니다
오빠 화이팅!!!!!
SS501 만세!  Triple S 만세!  (:

They are Double S501.
The very first boy band whom I allowed myself to step foot in understanding the fandom world.
No doubt, I’m always happy to say that I started noticing Korea as a fan.(Who doesn’t in these days?!) But I am really thankful to these boys as they are the ones who unleashed my curiosity in Fandom world, which eventually lead me to the explore further and understand more about it and Korea Culture.

Many people have a bad perspective of fans due to their behaviours.(I used to think that way too)
But hey! There are many different types of fans in fandom, just like there’s different types of food in different categories as well.(of course there are black sheep who spoils the market)
Can’t believe I had chosen the decision to be a fan(I used to dislike Kpop thanks to ‘Sorry Sorry’) and I’m glad I did.

There is something important that I need to highlight on:

Through these years, I had made quite a couple of fan-friends(be it local or overseas) where we had eventually turned into good friends in real-life too. We could even meet up for a cup of coffee or even plan travelling trips together! (YES! I have made a couple of really good & close friends overseas through fandom!)
Despite the distance and different languages we had, it’s really amazing on how fandom works, isn’t it? (:

These guys are not DISBAND for your info; just like the same as how many people thought Shinhwa had disband and got back together to have a comeback recently.
Most of them are in different companies to persuade their solo activities at the current moment while Kyu Jong serving his military service.
No doubt there are many rumours were flying in the air and fan wars going on, these boys were always be there to make an effort in assuring the fans that they’re not. (:

Guess what!

TODAY is their 8th Anniversary!

8years flew passed since they started their debut; Time flies fast indeed.
To commemorate this date, fans(all over the world) had gathered their effort in writing their message to the boys and make it into videos. Fans from Japan and Arab had even come together to put up advertisement on the bus(in Seoul)!


The bus photo did made it way to the Korea New site too. ^^
SS501, 8주년 기념..팬들에게 감사인사로 응답했다


And the boys left the fans a video last night, which excites many of us.ㅋㅋㅋ

Happy 8th Anniversary once again, SS501!

I’m really glad and thankful to you guys.
Thanks to you, I really had a wonderful journey of making new friends, exploring the fandom world and your beautiful country,Korea!
You might NOT know me as a fan(duh!) but hang on there with your promises with the fans.
We’ll be waiting for you guys. (=


Ending off with your truly favourites from the boys’ Japan PERSONA concert back in 2009.



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