[Hotel Review] Baume Couture Boutique Hotel

95, Singwang-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju-do
제주특별자치도 제주시 신광로 95 (연동)
Website: http://www.baume.co.kr/

Located in the downtown near Jeju Stadium and Iho Beach, Baume Couture Boutique Hotel is considered one of the 4Stars Boutique hotel in Jeju City.
You can even get to know a little more with Jeju history over at Folklore and Natural History Museum and Jeju Education Museum which are located nearby too!

It looks like one of the eco-friendly yet cozy boutique hotel!
I do love the simple white design in my room. ^^

Very Spacious Bed~

Free WiFi here too! 😀 ❤❤


Apparently boutique hotels in Jeju does not provide free toiletries(shower gel, shampoo & hair conditioner)?
(I’m not sure about other hotels, but in Baum Couture, it cost 5,000k won for each item though. =O)

No doubt, they served simple breakfast too!

Kind of sad that it’s our last day in Jeju! (Last day for Calvin & Addy too though)
Stay tuned for more other updates as I’m flew back to Seoul to look for more FOOD.


[Photos with watermark are taken with Casio Exilim ZR700]
[Photos w/o mark credits back to Calvin, Addy, KTO SG & JTO(Jeju Tourism Organization)]



One thought on “[Hotel Review] Baume Couture Boutique Hotel

  1. Tom Chen

    Hi! Love your blog!
    May I know how did you get sponsored for the trip to Korea?
    Did KTO contact you or did you approach KTO?
    Thank You. 🙂


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