Haze Haze Haze.. Pali go away. (>o<)

This post ain’t gonna talk anything related to Korea though.
My poor country is now filled with those haze that were coming over from the forest burning from Indonesia.
Look at the photos that the citizens had provided to CNA on FB Page!

Please wear a mask out people, even if it’s not N95 mask. (>o<)

Or if you’re at home, you can turn yourself a cute terrorist like me:
I’m kidding about being cute like me.

At Home:
Grab a towel and semi-wet it with Iced Water, wrapped it around your nose and mouth area. It could help to prevent you from breathing too much Haze and cool yourself at the same time.

Drink lots of water, barley water, 100plus or any isotonic drinks!!

And my HongKong relative suddenly reminded my mother about the Hot Lemon Coke Remedy.

Ancient Chinese Cold/Hazy Remedy Recipe

* 1 Can of Coke
* 1/2 a Lemon
* 1 inch of Ginger(you can choose NOT to put this)

Steps to do:
1. Slice the lemon into thin pieces.
2. Pour the coke into a saucepan & add in the lemon.
3. Simmer the coke mixture over medium heat for about 10mins.
4. Pour the hot coke into a mug, either strain off the lemon or you can just leave them in the mug.

Well, stay healthy people!
Let’s fight the Haze together and stay healthy! (:



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