[Review] BnBHERO Itaewon-Private Apartment Stay

I’m back! Did anyone of you missed my post? 😛
미안 해요 for my absence. School has been good to me, but the assignment is pileing up one after another ever since though. (too much readings & writing to be done though! #$%^&)

For those who had followed me on both my Twitter & Facebook Page does know that I had extended my stay back in Seoul for additional good 3days! Wonder where did I stay this time round?

Yeah! To be honest, I never really have a chance to explore Itaewon during my past few trip.
I’m glad to have some extra time this time and dearest Sarah(TKT) actually gave me a short tour and little history about this place within her 10years of stay in Korea! (Thank you darling!:D)

Back to the apartment, I’m actually staying over here:

Itaewon-Private Entire Flat A-302 (next to Itaewon station)

I’m thankful to Mark for being such helpful host even though we didn’t get a chance to meet. 😦
He was actually out of Seoul during that period of time; yet he prepared everything that I might need, and even gave me a call to ensure I’m safe and had self ‘checked-in’ to the apartment! (Oh well! I got lost and went to other guesthouse for help though. =/)
(And Thank You so much Mr Steve for helping me to get a listing at such a late notice! So sorry for the trouble as well!)

Not to mention, I like this cozy little apartment which is almost fully equipped with ones’ need!
If you’re a fuzzy traveller who needs a television in your house, then I guess you might want to give this listing a miss.(Well, I have my netbook to keep me accompany though)

Ready for the photo? 😀

My ❤ hate relationship again. *arghh*

Like I had mentioned, it’s a self-check in day for me. Usually you will be able to meet the Host though. 🙂

The door lock looks something like this:

Greeted with the image of the mini-kitchen once I opened the door! (:

Pots & Pans and Utensils

Not to mention, there’s a side cupboard that Mark had placed additional items(just in case) for the guest.

(Toiletries, Washing detergent, Hair-dryer and even Body Lotion!) *Thumbs Up*

There’s a mini fridge and kettle too~

Bathroom would be on your left (the moment you open your house door) while bedroom is on your right.

The outlook of your bathroom :

I’m quite picky about bathroom, but thank God it’s clean.

Hooray! There’s both body foam & shampoo provided too! 😀

There’s washing machine provided in this apartment as well though. 🙂
Not to mention nice smell detergent(ㅋㅋㅋ)

Let’s get to the room!

Clean and Simple design

I miss working on that long table! (OH! Did you see the file on it? Mark had placed a file that is filled with brochures and other details that might help you in your stay! :))

Mini balcony that I did not have a chance to enjoy..due to the cold weather. =/

My life-saver! ㅋㅋㅋ

I had a good 2nights stay in this apartment.
Apart from no television, I would recommend Mark’s apartment to travellers who want to stay in Itaewon though. 😀
Here’s this apartment link on BnBHERO – Itaewon-Private Entire Flat A-302

Alternatively, you could check out other guesthouse/apartment listing over at BnBHERO website too!

PS: Photos without watermark credits back to BnBHERO site (Mark) and as link-ed. 🙂



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