[Review] Hidden Hair Gem in Singapore – A Visit to Aqua Hair Korean Salon

 Located over in Delfi Orchard Plaza in Orchard Road, Aqua Hair Korean Salon might not sounds familiar to many of you. With just merely 1.5years of operating history in Singapore, this little Korean Hair Salon in Singapore caters about  70% of the native Koreans patronizing to have their hair done. With the increasing of  Hallyu wave that is growing strong in SG, no doubt there are many Singaporeans(like me) who wants to get our hair done in a Korean salon to achieve the ‘korean’ image. 😛

Aqua Hair Korean Salon Exterior look

Aqua Hair Korean Salon houses has a team of professionally train hair-stylists who are able to work wonders on the latest Korean hair trend for you. Currently, there are 3 stylists in the house : Janus, Sophia and Yoonah.

Let’s have a short tour around the salon before I get my hair done.

No idea what image to work on? Check out their Ipad that is placed on the counter for more reference! 😀

I like this cozy corner idea which made one feels like home.

I had used this cute little ‘spaceship'(I name them that cause it does looks like one when it’s operating) where I had my perm done back in Korea! 😀

Sick of magazines? What about some Korean books?

Some of the products that they used in the house.

I was introduced to Janus, who would be my stylist for the day.
As the colour of my hair had faded since I’m back from Korea, Janus suggested to have a new colour changed. As I’m not really a daring person on the choice of colours(I like bright colours but I have no guts to try! :P), Janus was nice enough to suggest and giving me honest inputs on the colour selection though. I decided to choose Ash-Brown with a little tinted Ash Green on top where it’s pretty obvious under the sunlight; but the colour gets darker in the indoor. 😛

2 Cute assistants that you’ll see them in the salon. (^o^)
 OH! Not to mention, I noticed that there will always be 2 person(stylist & hair assistant) to work on your hair throughout the entire session. Personally, I feel that it is really good as it shows that they were really attentive to their customers.

Colour Chart
According to Janus, it is a better choice to use Hoyu hair colour dye compared to Lo’real as the colour were much lasting. True enough, I remembered seeing Junho hair back in Korea using Hoyu dye too. (kind of weird though as Hoyu is a Japanese brand huh? :x)

ㅋㅋㅋ~ Had a hair washed before preparing for my hair cut. Finally a cut after so long.. =/1

That’s Janus mixing the hair dye.

-work in progress-
*serious look*

I had a great chat with Janus while she’s working on my hair. She mentioned that apparently the hallyu wave trend images are going strong and people trying get the same image, it is important for them as a stylist to give honest feedback to the customers wheather those images suits them.

Talking about professionalism, I guess honest feedback is the key between a hair-stylist and the customer. I guess nobody would want to pay a couple of hundred bucks to get an unsatisfying results, right?

The assistants were sweet to serve me some snacks to munch on! 감사합니다^^

While waiting for my hair, Janus even managed to squeeze some time to attend to 1 more customer! *wow*

That’s  Sophia, one of the stylist in the house too! ^^
Even though she’s a native korean, she can speak relatively well in English! 🙂

Here’s Yoonah at work on the customer sitting right beside me too~

Life-saver! Like I mentioned, while the stylist is working on your hair(esp cutting), the assistant would be at the side using the brush to brush off the excess hair from your face. BFF who dropped-by to pass me my coffee said that by looking at it, seems like a ‘Tai-Tai’ life? HAHA~

Sadly I didn’t capture the cute ‘face-mask’ when they were cutting my fringe. It’s something like to avoid the fringe falling on your face while protecting your make-up,which will be held by the assistant.
I had a longer waiting time compare to the others as I have rather long and thick hair.

While waiting, I had a short chat with Justin, who’s the Branding in-Charge for Aqua Hair Salon. He’s kind enough to answer a few of my questions:

1) Why is there an intention for you to open Aqua Korean Salon in Singapore?
Aqua Hair: We have envisioned a cozy Korea Stylish Boutique Salon in the heart of Singapore to provide dedicated and excellent hair services to our customers. Even though it’s been only 1.5years since we started to rock and roll, we had seen customers from all walks coming through our salon and walking out with a wide smile everytime they had their hair done, which left us great satisfaction. Some of them even promotes our salon by bringing their friends along! 🙂

2) What are some of the popular hair trends that are happening this year?
Aqua Hair: One of the popular hair trends in 2013(for ladies) would be Short-Medium hair length with a slight bodily perm. (It is known as mool gyul waves *물결 웨이브*)

3) Since there are both local and koreans customers who patronize Aqua Hair, what are some of the different trend that you guys see in SG girls VS native Koreans trend?
Aqua Hair: Korea had always been the trend-setter(for hair-styling). Many Singaporeans girls would usually request for a certain type of hairstyle which they saw it from the korean drama/artists. As for Singaporean men (whom have long avoided any association with having their hair permed) are not falling far behind the female counterparts as there have been an increasing trend of local customers asking for a hair perm.

Ready for the new look? 😀

Really like the Ash brown that Janus recommended for me though.

I had this photo taken in an outdoor atmosphere on the same day. Can’t really see the parts of ash green on top but it’s pretty obvious under the sunlight though.

5days after the dye..*kekeke.. I ❤ my mool gyul waves~*

Let’s have a look at the colour 2weeks later(taken a few days back!) *Left w/o flash, Right with flash*

The colour is staying really strong! Even my mum likes my new hair look cause she said I look younger.(-.-“

Well, I like the fact that the colour doesn’t look too ‘loud’ in the indoor setting yet giving me a different image at the outdoor setting too!

Thank you so much Janus! I had a wonderful time chatting and getting my hair done personally by you! (:

It’s a little pity I didn’t get a chance to interact much with Yoonah and Sophia(the salon was busy on that day), but I’ll be back in the future to get my hair done again with the ladies over here!
Since I’m still loving Korean perm and wish to try mool gyul waves next, I’ll definitely be back again to get it fix! 🙂

PS: I was surprised when Sophia told me that Mool gyul waves had been a trend since 5years ago where I thought it only started like 3years back! =X

Price range(Long hair):
Hair Colour: 150SGD above
Hair Perm Setting: 250SGD above
(Sorry ladies! I only remembered asking the rate for long hair. Please give Aqua Hair Salon a call on the quotation. :))

Check out Aqua Hair Korea Salon information below:
Aqua Hair Korean Salon
402 Orchard Road, Delfi Orchard #03-16 Singapore(238876)
Tel: (+65) 6732 8011

Opening hours:
Tue – Fri: 10:30 am – 7:30 pm
Sat – Sun: 11:00 am – 6:00 pm

Monday: OFF

Website: Aqua Hair Facebook Page



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