2013 Seoul Hot Summer Sale

Great news to tourists who are heading over to Korea in August’13!

The ‘2013 Seoul Hot Summer Sale’ is an extensive annual event with the participation of a total of 1,339 department stores, duty free shops, large discount stores, shopping malls, cosmetics shops, clothing stores, restaurants, performances and cultural facilities.
Come to the dynamic city of Seoul and visit various stores participating in the Seoul Hot Summer Sale 2013 to receive up to 60% discount benefits plus plenty of free gifts.

What’s more!

You can either Print this special ‘DISCOUNT CARD’or use your mobile to gain access to those affiliated store(s) that are participanting in this event too! (Click HERE to read more)

So, what are you waiting for?
60% discount, I guess I will have gone crazy with my shopping. LOLS!

Check out for information on Seoul Hot Summer Sale Website and FaceBook Page too! πŸ˜€

PS: Photos credit back to Seoul Metropolitan GovernmentㆍSeoul Tourism Organization



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