Popular Korean Ballads in the 90s~

Hallyu wave is going  strong everywhere right now. But I do appreciate the older times  singers and their songs as well. Im going to talk about my 5 favourite(s) singer(s)/groups in this entry though. 🙂

1- KISS – Because I’m a Girl (여자 이니까)

C’mon. This is a popular song way back in my secondary school times.(Back in 2000s?) I have no idea why but no matter how many times I had watched the MV, I would simply just teared at the ending. Pffftt~ I guess it must be Shin Hyun Joon’s words at the ending make it even more touching for me? =/

2- Lee Seung Hwan(이승환) – For 1000 days

Does the song sounds familiar? YES! Many artist(s) had done this song cover like Shinhwa’s Shin Hyesung and most recent would be K-will & Sung Si Kyung’s version.

3- Park Hwayobi – Lie

Known as the “Queen of R&B”, Hwayobi is well-known for her beautiful and powerful vocal. This powerful slow rock ballad of hers attracts my attention while I was watching youtube videos sometimes back though. 😀

4- Sung Shi Kyung (성시경) – It Would be Good (좋을텐데)

If you still don’t know him, you’re missing out the gem! Sung Shu Kyung is totally a prince of k-ballad singer! You would have probably find his name familiar thanks to Super Junior’s maknae KyuHyun, as SSK is one of his favourite idol. 😀 (No doubt, Kyuhyun had sung a few covers of SSK’s song too on the shows~) Check out another live performance from Sung Shi Kyung~ I admit I love to loop his albums to sleep at times. teehee~ 😛

5- Shinhwa – Sun In Our Hearts(Jap)

No, I’m not going to talk about ‘Once In A Lifetime’ as I believed many people(including Changos) love that song. Personally, I like Sun In Our Hearts right after that. Not a korean song but hey, I’m a little bias here. 😛 So here are my favourite 5. What about yours? Do share with me if you have! 😀 xoxo, yyann


5 thoughts on “Popular Korean Ballads in the 90s~

    1. yyann

      me too! haha~
      I had spent an entire day watching those old clips from the past online before..Those ballad singers in the past were really good!


    1. yyann

      Hi Garpy,

      I guess there was a mistake in the link from Qiito though, but thanks for pointing out the error! ^^
      Hope you would like my post over there too! 😀

      Elizabeth (yyann)


  1. Garpy

    Hi Elizabeth,

    It works fine now 😀 yep! Like your posts, ever since saw your photos in Qiito, esp information on Korea. Been coming back reading


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