[Event] Everything with Korea 2013 @ 112 Katong

Craving for some Gimbap(김밥) and Bokbunja(복분자)?
Do check out this mini korean fair over at 112 Katong this week then!

Everything with Korea 2013

Venue: 112 Katong (Atrium)
Date: 12 ~ 18 Aug (Sunday)

Some of the participating vendors you would see like CJ Bibigo, Damotory Wine House, Hodunamu Korean Cafe, In-Season (Organic product), MCnelly (Ladies Shoes!!!), Baby U Studio etc..

Of course there’s performance(Taekwondo, Cooking Demo & Kpop Dance) line up during the weekends too.

Do check out 112 Katong Facebook Page for more details. 🙂

PS: I’m much more attracted to the food and Bokbunja!!  ㅋㅋㅋ
Oh! maybe some shopping for the fashion shoes? 😛 (Ladies~~`)

Have a great week people! 😀



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