2013 Korea in Motion Festival

Do you like Art Performance and intend to pay a visit to Korea this September?
Join in fun and catch a play performance with a discount ticket up to 50% of the original price!

(Some of the Popular plays like :
Non-Verbal: Miso, B-Boy Kung, BIBAP)
Musical: Ballerina Who Loved a B-boy

Fans of MBLAQ do alert!
MBLAQ had been appointed as the Ambassador for this event and they will be appearing for the Opening Ceremony! πŸ˜€


Like I mention in the past entry HERE, watching a musical play in Korea is a total different experience!
I had managed to catch a couple of them(Both verbal & Non-verbal) and they were really great!

In case you might not know, koreans do love to attend musical plays either alone or with their dates too!
You might want to try luck(if you’re going alone) and maybe you might meet the Mr/Ms Right? πŸ˜›

Have fun!



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