Gwangjang Market (광장시장)

Speaking of Gwangjang Market (광장시장), I do believe that many of you had heard about this traditional public market and how it had been a great tourist attractions to many.
Well, I got to agree that you should pay a visit to this market if you’re heading to Korea for the first time. There are indeed tonnes of yummy food and things for you to buy over here.(At a cheaper rate of course! =P)

This would be the entrance alley you would see if you’re exit from Jongno 5-ga Station(종로5가역).
Pretty local feel huh? 😀

Gwangjang Market (광장시장) was consider the first traditional market that was established back in 1905. Even though most of the local would usually tells you that Gwangjang Market is well-known for their Hanbok(Traditional Costume) and textiles, you’ll still be able to find a wide variety of products like handicrafts, local Household goods and the yummy local food!

Let’s have a short walk starting from the food alley! 😀

Well, someone told me that this lady sells super yummy Bread Toast thus I gave this a try.

It’s basically an omelette with french toast with a pinch of sugar. This cost me 1k or 1,200k won?
But I saw another lady selling exactly the same items at 800won at the other end of the alley though.
Well, the benefit of having your store at a good location!? =/

Most popular shot that all tourist will not MISSED to snap on. hur~ 😛

Fresh Kimchi Mandu(만두) made on the spot. Pretty huge and very filling too.

Yes! I’m always amazed by the varities of food that the korea had offered. Mung Bean Porridge? I didn’t try that though. Apparently the ahjumma told me that Hobakjuk(Pumpkin Porridge) is one of the specialties in Gwangjang.

Bindaetteok(빈대떡) is one of the main highlighted food item over in Gwangjang. This small little pancake is made from mungbean with bits of pork, mungbean sprouts & kimchi, seasoned with honey!
A must to try it even though it’s sinful~~ (I’m feeling so hungry now)

I was feeling too hungry and I just went to an empty stall that is available. *HAHA*
The lady boss was really cute. I couldn’t really made up my decision on the different varities of food that her stall offers, she decided to throw in some of it as ‘service’ for me to try(those I did not order) when she knows that I’m from Singapore.ㅋㅋㅋ
PS: I wasn’t alone at that time though, but my friend and I were just eager to try as much varities as we could. 😛

There are tonnes of stalls for you to choose. Just grab the chair and sit down if you feel comfortable or found something that you want to eat. ^^

Mayak kimbap (마약김밥), known as the ‘Narcotic’ kimbap is the main highlight item in this market.
Compare to the usual kimbap, the size of this is much smaller and it does taste rather addictive.( It can get a little spicy too if you have too much of it!)
Oh! This is suitable for vegetarian as well! 😀

With a full and happy tummy, I started to tour around the other parts of the market.

Pretty Hanbok.

Even the kids’ version were cute! 😀

This ahjumma offers on-the-spot sewing for your dropped buttons.

Like any other market, there’s a section for the fresh food as well.

Seafood, anyone?

All sorts of kimchi.. You name it, they have it huh!

teehee, kind ahjumma offers a little for me to try after she mixed it too! ^^

Pretty and traditional Tteok(떡) available as well!

I didnt have much time to cover the 2nd floor as I’m rushing off to meet another friend though.

I do recommend friends to pay a visit to Gwangjang Market (광장시장)(in the morning especially) though. You can get those korean style utensils & ramyeon pots over here starting from 3,500kwon though.

(Cheaper than Emart or Lotte.. :P)


Jongno 5-ga Station(종로5가역), Line 1 – Exit 8




4 thoughts on “Gwangjang Market (광장시장)

    1. yyann

      hm…from what I remember, it cost close to 200k won?
      Rather expensive but the quality is good. I won’t recommend to buy it for us though.. LOL~


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