[Review] K-Performance Application

Have you heard about K-Performance(Korea Performance Digital Book App) from Korea Tourism Organization!?

Yes! This is a newly launched application from KTO about 1month back.
I find it rather useful for people who wish to learn more about Art Performance in Korea before catching the show in Korea.

PS: Do note that the app is currently only compatible with the listed devices below:

“The Korea Performance Digital Book offers comprehensive information on the top shows in Korea”
No doubt! You can different the TOP art shows/non-verbal shows information and a 30seconds trailer before making any plans to book your show tickets!
PS: My internet connection is horrible.. (>o<)

At the same time, they’re introducing the Korea In Motion Festival too!
(Read more about this event HERE.)

Since this is a new application, I guess KTO is sweet enough to allow YOU to download a total of 14 Different Shows Discount Coupons(download ends on 31st Aug!) where you could used these coupons to book your shows starting from NOW till end of the year!(Dec’13)


So..What are you waiting for?
Do check out their 1+1 Event for this app below as well! 😀


Author’s Note:
To be honest, I guess this is something new and refreshing to attract tourist to catch the Art Shows in Korea. I guess its rather new thus this application do hangs/lag on me at times, and I guess it would be great if the application could link you to Email/Reservation Page to book your show tickets as well.
But nevertheless, I guess KTO will be updating more information on these though. 😀
Do check on it offen and who knows! There might be free show tickets in some contest in the future too! ^^




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