Hop on a 2D1N K-Star Restuarant Journey Tour

I often get questions from friends and relatives asking me “Do you know which restaurants/places is common to bump into any Kpop artists?”

And my answer would always be “ANYWHERE, ANYTIME!
Celebrities are humans like us, thus they would be roaming around the country as ell!
But of course, you’ll would tend to get higher chances to see them in real person if you patron near their agencies/filming grounds or restaurants that were opened by the artist/parents themselves as well.

**BEWARE! It’s going to be a long post flooded with photos and information too! **

Let’s check out the journey right now! 가자~ ^^

Day 1

Homestead Coffee @ Apujeong
648-9 Sinsa-dong 17 Dosan-daero 49-gil, Seoul, South Korea
강남구 신사동 648-9 (압구정점), 서울특별시

To start off a good day, you need a yummy breakfast to fill your tummy.
Please check out Homestead Cafe’s breakfast if you’re in Seoul! I promised it’s totally worth your time and $ to feast on it. Look at what I had ordered during my previous trip!

I can’t remember the exact name for this but it’s something like their big breakfast/ultimate set that cost 9,900kwon that comes along with a free Americano!
This is such a huge portion to the fact that I spent an hour trying to finish it! (ㅠ.ㅠ)

Even though there are quite a couple of branch of Homestead, the reason why I had chosen the one over at Apgujeong was because it was located over at Cheongdam-dong, the easier(?) way to bump into any artist over here.
Many were saying that in L.A you have Beverly Hills, in Korea they have Rodeo street!
It’s all filled up with high-end boutiques, Entertainment Agency (JYP, Cube, SM Entertainment); and the Korea Government had targeted this area to be ‘K Star Road’ Project, which will be completed by 2015.
(read more here)

After your filling breakfast, take a short stroll along Rodeo Street.

Along the way, you might want to pass by the famous Kpop – Hair & Beauty Fashion over @ KangHo The Red Carpet Hair Salon.

KangHo The Red Carpet Hair Salon
서울시 강남구 청담동 94-9. 135-517
94-9 Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-Gu Seoul

KangHo The Red Carpet Hair Salon is one of the top popular hair salon where Kpop artists get their hair done over at. I do have a few friends who tried their luck in the salon(you need to make a reservation beforehand) and they did managed to meet a few celebrities inside as well!

And the best thing for now?
It had shifted and located right at the SAME building together with JYJ – Jaejoong‘s Coffee Cojjee outlet!

JYJ – Jaejong’s Coffee Cojjee
94-9 Cheongdam-dong Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea

Another Cafe that fans will be interested to pay a visit would be Cube Studio.

CUBE Studio
125-6 Cheongdam-dong,Gangnam-gu, Seoul 135-100
Check out the directions & review over HERE.

While walking back to the subway station from CUBE Station, why not spare some time and drop by to Super Junior(Lee Dong Hae) fast food outlet – Grill 5 Taco and have a small bite?

Grill 5 Taco (Lee Donghae’s outlet)
청담동 88-10번지
Chungdamdong 88-10, Seoul


People usually visit Garosu-gil (Sinsa station) for their pretty local designer boutique and pretty cafes!
It’s a great hangout place with friends on a lazy afternoon too. Check out partial of my entry about my walk in Garosu-gil & Se7en’s Yeolbong jjimdak restuanrant here!

(Can’t remember the new exact location for Yeolbong jjimdak, but I do remember once you exit from Exit 8, walk straight to the first cross junction, left left and within 30m, there is this small alley slope up on your right. The logo is huge and you will definitely see it. 😀 )

Not enough shopping? or you want some more?

(Gangname Station, Line 2)
YEAH you’re alright! Head down to Gangnam Underground Shopping Arcade for more cheap shopping!
PS: It’s really a shopping heaven! ㅋㅋㅋ

Time ALWAYS passed fast while you’re shopping.
Let’s have a late dinner/supper before heading back home?

647-4 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu Seoul
서울 강남구 신사동 647-4 1층
Tel: 02-515-8381

Before you guys start to say I’m bias…I just have to rant that the food here is REALLY YUMMY!!!!
I’m serious! Even the korean eonnies (who ain’t shinhwa fans) went with me said that the food taste really good. Of course… The price is on a slight steep(compare to the usual ones) but personally I feel the cost is still worthy due to the freshness of the food~ ^^

Cute Minwoo with his sister

MUST Try : Clam Soup, Spicy Chicken Stew, Potato Pancake, Egg Roll (I know the last 2 sounds stupid but they are the most yummiest food! trust me!)

Day 2

Listen up! If you ❤ Budaejjigae (Army Stew), you got to try Hwangbo’s Shimsontang over at Hongdae!

HwangBo’s Shimsontang
Shimsontang1st Floor, Seogyo-dong 355-21, Mapo-gu, Seoul
서울시 마포구 서교동 355-21번지 1층
Tel: 02-323-8310
Opening Hours: 11:30am-11pm

What so special about Shimsontang?
I heard that the soup base was brew from beef bone for hours! (ALERT to those who doesn’t eat beef though!)

It’s a new recipe from them, thus instead using the name of Budaejjigae, they decided to rename it to “Shimsontang

Seems like there had been a lot of celebrities had headed over to her store for a meal as well!
Look at those framed signatures on the wall~

No doubt Hwangbo is the owner for Hongdae’s branch. 😀
God knows! She might be the one serving you at the cashier if you’re lucky~~ ^^

Konkuk University Station (Line 2 & 7)

Nope, I’m not asking you guys to head over to the school.
Just a little tip from me : As long as the map shows any University Station, it would usually be a GREAT shopping area!
Reason: Those are the areas where students usually hangout after lesson thus it caters a lot of fashion and cheap things! Cheap clothing boutiques, Cheap & affordable restaurants, Interesting pubs & bars over here too!

Tired from shopping?
Check out Super Junior Main Vocalist – Yesung’s parent’s cafe – Mouse Rabbit then.

Mouse Rabbit Cafe
5-14 Hwayang-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul,
서울 광진구 화양동 5-14번지

The menu in Mouse Rabbit

Note: Do try their sweet potato lattee, oatmeal cookie and cake! ^^

We should end the day right over at Myeongdong~

This marks the end of my 2D1N Hallyu Tour though.
I know it might not be a perfect one, but I did tried my best researching, reading up and planning the direction route for it though.
Feel free to use it as a guideline for your future trip people~ ^^

Have fun in Korea!
Nah~~ Now I miss my homeland~~ 😦

PS 1: Those photo taken are credit back to the original owner with link attached! 🙂

PS 2: If you want to repost this itinery tour post, please kindly give credit back to me!
I really spent the entire day to read/research & plan on it..So..Please be nice. ❤❤ 🙂



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