[Quick Update] Happy Chuseok! 추석연휴~

I’m not yet dead, just halfway only. *LOL*
Fell sick right after a week event is not a joke thus I’m trying to mend my health back this week before another exciting events awaits for me. 😀

By the way, Happy Chuseok Day people!

For the Chinese, it is widely known as 中秋节(Mid-Autumn Festival) while the Koreans name it as 추석연휴(Chuseok).

추석 festival holds a big meaning for all Koreans.(for example we have ‘Thanksgiving’ for the Westerners & Chinese New Year(Spring Festival) for the Chinese.)
Most Koreans will rush back homes during this time to spend some quality time with their families and to enjoy those traditional cultural experiences.

And they eat Tteok(떡)!

(BEWARE: NOT ALL tteok taste good and most of the people(other than koreans) I know does not like the taste of tteok. Too chewy and hard to bite for many, and the taste doesn’ts suits many)

For the chinese, I believe I wouldn’t need to elaborate more on it isn’t it?
中秋节 used to be 1 of my favourite festival back then. (Because I can buy cute paper lanterns and play with ‘fire sparks’..HAHAHA) As the technologies advanced, they have electronic ones that can play music! (But I guess I still prefer my paper ones..ㅋㅋ)

And the favourite thing to munch on with a pot of hot tea~~

but my favourite goes to…


Meanwhile, a few more entries will be updated this week!
Stay tune people. 😀

Happy Chuseok & Mid Autumn festival to all of you! 😀



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