[D1] Stay Connected with EG Sim Card

Uh huh. I’m finally back home after a short trip.
If you had followed on my instagram/FB page, I believed you guys had a brief details of the different places where I had travelled with Andy.

Back to Korea, it’s always an overnight flight for me thus I could stretch my time to explore Korea. 😛
And this time round, much thanks to Korea Tourism Organization(Singapore), I got to test out the other brand of Prepaid Card from EG Sim. 😀

Spot the mistake..
 LOL 😛

Oh well, as we didn’t have much time to spare at the airport, I decided to take a risk and get a prepaid card(EG Sim as well) from G25 Mart.

PS: For those who had made reservation with EG Sim online, please collect your card over at KBook Store at Exit 7. 🙂

Only normal sim-card and micro-card available in 30k and 50k won.

I got a 50k won though.

For those who did not make a reservation but yet wishes to purchase a prepaid card last-minute, you need to fill up these information behind the card-case, where the staff would use the machine and snap a photo of these details + your passport details for EG Sim HQ for tracking.

This is a little tricky.

For most blog you read talking about the reservation 1GB data cost only 16,500k won, Yes, They’re not wrong!
I was thinking to get the 30kwon card initially as well, but the staff told me that it’s only 500MB worth of data! *gasp*!!!
But after reading littemisshoo’s blog entry (HERE), I realized that you NEED TO manually ‘activate‘ that 1GB data plan ON YOUR OWN IF you purchase the prepaid card off the shelf from G25 Mart.

In order to save all your troubles, I would strongly recommend you guys to make your reservation online and leave a note to them, telling them the size of your sim-card. 😀

Check out more information about EG Sim Card over at :

EG Sim Facebook Page
EG Sim Blog

Since it’s Andy’s first F&E trip in Korea, he’s the one who went to buy our bus ticket..ㅋㅋㅋ
Bus 6002 to Center Mark Hotel~

Itchy cravings even though I’m not hungry. Bought this yummy kimbap(slightly more ex) at 1,800k won from G25 mart. You can get cheaper ones(not so classy packaging) at only 1,100k won. 🙂

I shall continue the rest of the Day 1 on my next entry.
Do stay tune! 😀

Special Thanks to the following Sponsors that made this trip happen:
Korea Tourism Organization (Singapore)
EG Sim Card
Accommodation in Seoul:
– Center Mark Hotel (via Hana Tour)



5 thoughts on “[D1] Stay Connected with EG Sim Card

    1. yyann

      Hi QQ,

      So sorry for the late reply.
      As for the SIM Card, no, it does not cost additional money.
      Once it states 30k or 50kwon on the package, you just need to pay that amount. 🙂

      Hope it helps!



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  2. Hihi..thanks for the info and sharing…I would like to check about the EG SIM CARD, I ever used this before in Korea but it didnt last less than 4 days…is it because I ordered only 100M under data service option, I should choose to use 1GB? I want to check cuz I’m leaving to Seoul next month and will be there about 7 days…can u advice please?


    1. yyann


      If you were to purchase 10,000won in the past, I believed it’s the 100M data. I would advise you to purchase the 1GB data plan instead. =)
      Hope it helps!




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