[D1.3] A visit to Konkuk University Station

Like I had always mentioned, on the subway map of Seoul City, as long as it states “… University Station”, that station would be a great shopping ground for you.

And you’re right..

I’m going to cover a little on ‘건대입구 Konkuk University Station(建大入口)’ today! (^.^)

Compared to the other University station on the subway map, I would say that ‘Konkuk University Station’ is more like a neighbourhood area for the locals to walk about. Comparing to areas like Hongik Uni(Hongdae) and Ewha Women Uni station, this place is equipped with many cheap(& good) clothing boutiques, local & chinese restaurants; and of course interesting pubs & bars as well!

Not forgetting to mention that there are tonnes of hair saloon (both english & chinese speaking hairdressers) where you could get a make-over at a cheap rates too!

(PS: If you’ve followed me on my twitter, I did mentioned that a couple of the saloon(s) quoted me 75k-85k won(approx 85SGD) for a body-wave hair perm with basic treatment(using L’oreal products).
The price is DAM CHEAP for a bra-length and the thickness of my hair!!! I’m still regretting that I did not have enough time to do so, and not grabbing the name-cards of those hair saloon..hurrr~ 😦 )

Looking for food?
Check out those inbetween alley(s) !
Tonnes of restaurants(cheap & reasonable prices) located over here too. ^^

I got excited upon seeing..
SHINWA – Kyochan Chicken poster stand!!! HAHAHAHA!

We were randomly shopping around the area(waiting for the time to pass before we could head over for our dinner) and we chanced upon Super Junior- Yesung’s Mouse Rabbit Cafe!

Our order: Strawberry Mojito, Iced Chocolate and Sweet Potato Latte~ (#^.^#)
It was pretty random at that moment  too. We headed up to the 2nd level with our drinks without noticing Yesung, who stepped into the cafe. All we know that there was a huge commotion going on suddenly and fans started to form a queue at the counter.  *HAHA*

My very first encounter with Yesung was when we returned our tray and cups though. He’s sweet to smile and bow, together with Ye-Mum and said Thank You to us. 🙂


As the sky gets darker after our drink, we decided that it’s time to head over to the restaurant for our dinner.
Blind Restaurant?
In fact both Andy and I were excited for this meal-tasting event when we saw this on our itinerary.

The concept of this restaurant is created for one to experience dinning in the dark. (like a blind mice..)
 Before you actually ‘entered’ into the dining area, you’re required to keep anything that are reflective(mobile phones, watches, gadgets) into your bag and placed it on a basket where the staff would stored your belongings in to the lockers.

YES! NOTHING EXCEPT YOURSELF is allowed into the room.

If you think you could try to ‘peep’ a little in the dark, I guess you might be a little disappointed as this is all you could see :

I’m not joking! The waiter/waitress have night vision goggles to help them, but we got NONE, except for our other 4 senses to guide us around.

Our dinner experience started from the waiting area, where we were supposed to line-up in a single file with our hands placed on the previous person’s shoulder.(sounds like we’re heading back to the nursery!)
A waitress(wearing a night vision goggles) soon lead us into the darkness to our seats, along with instructions of where your cutlery and cups were being placed on the table.

It was really interesting the moment we sat down at our table, and in fact, we were like the noisiest group that night? (Thank god there were only a pair of couple and us dining in the room! HAHAHA)
We were making jokes among ourselves on the food and Andy was the only one who gave-up using the cutlery and started using his hands to eat after the 1st course.  HAHAHA!

As I’m a nut-free person(Sadly, I’m a Nut-Allergy kid :(), I tried to smell the food whenever the waitress placed the plate of food in front of me as well. (I’m thankful there wasn’t much any nut-related western food over there though, and I think I look like an animal to her stiffing my food, =/ )

At the end of the session(before you leave the dark room, everyone were given both a pen and a piece of paper to pen down the experience of dinning in the dark though.
This was what I wrote.
Couldn’t see in the dark and I’m so worried about my ugly handwritings would jumbled up thus I decided to write it in english.

All in all, I really had a great experience dinning in the dark even though I couldn’t see a single thing during that 1.5hours.
Somehow or rather, this experience made me reflect upon the possibilities of getting blind one day; and to be always thankful that I’m much lucky to have my sense of sight though. 🙂

Do email or call up the restaurant to make a reservation with them if you want to try!
*Menu of the food changes weekly; and they served only western food. 🙂

Blind Art Restaurant (click to enter website, only in korean)
Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, 2-49 B1 floor Hwayang

5 Course meal: 29,500won

Special Thanks to the following Sponsors that made this trip happen:
– Korea Tourism Organization (Singapore)
– EG Sim Card
Accommodation in Seoul:

– Center Mark Hotel (via Hana Tour)



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