[D2.3] Hanok Stay at Seonbichon Village(Yeongju)

After trekking for 4 hours over at Seobaeksan(소백산), we decided to head straight to our accommodation for a quick wash-up before we continue our journey for the day.

What makes us excited was that, we will be staying over at Seonbichon Village, where we could experience the Hanok Stay!!
(To be frank, I have yet to try Hanok Stay till this trip as well! :P)

Yeongju Seonbichon Village is a traditional folk village where people can experience the life of classical scholars and the common people of the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910).

Seonbichon, which literally means scholars’ village, has seven tile-roofed houses, five straw-roofed houses, traditional crafts workshops, convenience facilities, and souvenir shops, and many more on a 14-acre site. Stepping inside the village, visitors walk along a well-landscaped path, taking a look at old houses on the way. Visitors can also enjoy various traditional hands-on programs and try local food and you can even stay one night in the ‘hanok’ (traditional Korean house); and take part in a courtesy education program and a traditional crafts-making program.
(credit from Visitkorea)

Let’s have a quick look-back on the photo which I had posted both on my instagram and Facebook page.

That’s the entrance of our ‘House’.

My room key.
Initially I was expecting the key-lock would be those old traditional heavy copper key though.

my small little humble room for the night~ ^^

Over here, they provides the thick mattress, blanket and as well as the basic necessities.
(Please note that the Kettle IS NOT an electric kettle.
You might want to ask the staff from the office for some hot-water,  or simply just purchase bottled water from the mini-mart outside the ticketing office. :))

Let’s have a check at the restroom!
 No worries about it! It’s very clean and there’s heater in it too! 😛

While walking out to the restaurant for our lunch, we spotted a few huts displaying the local hand-made products.
Usually there isn’t anybody at the station.
If you would like to purchase anything(certain items have a price tag on it), just place the amount in the box(provided there) though.

It’s all about honesty~ 🙂


We hop into a restaurant(quite a couple of them, but only 2 or 3 of them provides English menu) for a quick-lunch before we embark onto the rest of the journey.

Pork bulgoggi, Doenjang jjigae (Soybean Paste stew) and Bibimbap~

Just a little word from me:
Do not expect a luxury sleep-over(even though it’s the village of TOP scholars in the past)  as this is more of a heritage place/village for you to have an experience the life of the olden days.

But honestly, I had a fun time over there as it’s pretty cooling and relax!
I guess it’s good to get a break away from the bustling cities at times though~ 😀

Seonbichon Village (선비촌)
2796, Sobaek-ro, Sunheung-myeon, Yeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
경상북도 영주시 순흥면 소백로 2796
Tel : +82-54-638-6444 (Korean)

Website : http://www.sunbichon.net/ (Korean)

– 77,000 won (including VAT) for a 4-person room
– 49,500 won for a 2-person room.
Online booking can be made but only foreigners are allowed to make reservations on-site (both cash and credit card payments accepted).
PS: I would highly recommend you to book via online just in case though. 🙂

Thanks to Gyeongsangbuk-do Tourism for sponsoring our Hanok Stay over at Seonbichon Village!

Anyway, stay tune for the next entry tomorrow!!!
Pretty photos are coming up! ^^

[Photos w/o watermark credit back to Andy & KTO-SG Website]



5 thoughts on “[D2.3] Hanok Stay at Seonbichon Village(Yeongju)

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    1. yyann

      Hi Grace,

      I’m afraid the website is only available in korean.
      If not, you might want to drop by/email/call KTO(in your region) and asked them to assist you if they could help you to find the official email for book. 🙂

      Hope it helps!



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