[D2.4] A Day Tour in Seonbichon Village

Like I had mentioned in my previous entry(HERE), you’ll definitely love Seonbichon Village if you have huge interest in cultural and historical sites. ^^
This was actually the entrance of Seonbichon Village. (near car park area.)

The twin monument that has a sad story behind it. (look at bottom photo)

Such a nice stroll along the way to Sosu Museum~

There are tonnes of preserves and relics & remainnings of Yeongju that were on display in this Sosu Museum.
It actually reflects the glimpse of the various Confucian Culture of Korea from the past to the present.


There’s actually a signage saying ‘No photos are allowed’ inside though.
I just tried to snap a few quick ones.:P (what a disobident person. LOL! :P)

YES! This is Master Kong(known as Confucius/孔子/공자)
There’re a total of 5 famous statue, ever wonder who are the ones that you know? ^^
(I know their chinese name instead of the korean though. Studied them back in primary school..hurrr)

Oh yes! There’s a DIY corner for you to try the traditional way of ‘word printing’.ㅋㅋ
Had a fun hard time playing with it. 😛

While heading to Sosuseowon Confucian Academy(it’s actually located next beside it!)..

What a view~

Saw a cute little girl..:)
안녕! 😀

Spring water where people believed that you’ll be lucky after drinking it. ^^

Built during the reign of King Jungjong (1506-1544) of Joseon Dynasty, Sosuseowon Sosuseowon Confucian Academy is the first sa-ek seowon (*see below) in Korea. Past the main gate of the academy, one is greeted with a thick grove of pine trees and ginkgo trees, with valley water flowing on the side. The first seowon (*see below) of Korea, Sosuseowon Confucian Academy features a liberal arrangement of buildings and architecture, which is in harmony with the surrounding landscape.
(credit to KTO)

Sunset view in the woods.

After existing the Sosuseowon Confucian Academy, we had a short stroll along the apple farms along the roadside!

Huge red apple which taste super sweet and yummy! (No joke~)
And it cost us only 5,000won(approx 6sgd) for 10plus size apples? :O

Since you’re already having a night over at Seonbichon Village, you shouldn’t give this 2 historical sites a miss since it’s within the compound.
Time to learn and gain some knowledge of the korean culture! 😀

Entrance Fee:
Sosuseowon Confucian Academy – FREE
Sosu Museum – Adult (3,000won), Student (2,000won)

O train of the entire Day 3 is coming up! 😀
Stay tuned!

Special Thanks to the following Sponsors that made this trip happen:
– Korea Tourism Organization (Singapore)
– EG Sim Card

– Seonbichon Village(Hanok Stay-over) from Gyeongsangbuk-do Tourism



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