[D3.1] Punggi to Bucheon Village [O-Train]

좋은 아침~~~An apple a day, keeps the doctor away! That was the first thing I had after waking up from a good sleep in Seonbichon Village. (You wouldn’t want to fall sick on a trip! :P)

Since the restaurants in Seonbichon Village doesn’t opens that early, we had prepared some cup ramyeon the previous day as our breakfast though. 😛
Horray!Thats a hard-boiled soya egg! ㅋㅋㅋ

We called a cab to fetch us back to Punggi Train Station. (Cost about 12,000won)
PS: If you can’t speak korean, you can get the office staffs to help you. No worries about that! 😀

We were pretty early thus I started to loiter around the station.

another apple to snack on. 😛
(I have no idea but I snack ALOT whenever I’m back in korea)

pretty view on #korailOtrain

The train journey from Punggi to Buncheon took about 1hour15 mins; while the entire O Train rides is about 5h30mins(a loop ride from Seoul). I guess it’s not really a long train ride when you’re travelling with a company! ^^

Finally…. We reached Buncheon!

The view was way too pretty not to keep a photo as memory. 😀

An indication of the 4 different O-Train carriage
Buncheon train station is the ONLY place where you could board your V-Train, thus we have about 2hours to spare in this small little town.

We had a quick cross-passed walk into the train station and I found something interesting at the counter..
Apparently for both O-Train and V-Train, they do provide a stamp chop for travallers to ‘chomp’ on their map, indicating that they had travelled to the place before at the train station.  =O


While reading from the net, I came to realize that Buncheon was a small little village which was well-known of its beautiful stream that was located to the northeast of Gyeongsan. Railway was constructed in the past for the train(s) to transport the natural resources like coal mined in the northern mountain areas.
V-Train was introduced as part of the plan in-order to allow more locals to have more domestic travelling during the summer season.

While walking around…
Pretty little yellow(s).. 😀

Hello white tiger! 😛
Apparently this soft toy is meant to be telling the tourist that they will be touring the remote mountainous via V-Train.
V-Train is also referred to as the “Baby Baekho(white tiger) Train” due to the motif of the train’s exterior of a white tiger running through the Baekdudaegan mountain range.
As I had been always a little lucky to see celebrities(at least 1 of them) whenever I’m in Korea, I took the above photo and lie to one of my bestie saying that I met Baekho from NU’EST! 😛

There is a long stretch of food restaurants near the train station where you can have a meal in the meantime while waiting for the arrival of your V-Train.

Random cabbage farm from some natives.

The well-known stream that linked to northeast of Gyeongsan

Dried chilli, and I heard that it’s SUPER spicy. =/

Apparently a blogger on naver mentioned that the locals would travel to Buncheon during the summer to have some cycling session, or mountain climbing with their family. 😀

We found a cute cafe~~

The interior of the cafe is soooooo westernize! ^^

We decided to give ourselves a good treat though. 😛
(and the coffee taste good surprisingly!!)
Here comes our lunch… Dosirak!

Took a quick photo with the pretty lady-boss.
She could speak pretty-well English and I suspects that she is a movie OST lover. Throughout the entire hour in her restaurant, we heard so many movie OST from Titanic, A Walk to Remember, Moulin Rouge etc…~~

Time to bid good-bye to Buncheon and we’re back to the station waiting at the V-Train track.
Wonder what would be my adventure with V-Train?

Stay tune to my next entry~ ^^
(the post will be up tomorrow!! I promised!ㅋㅋㅋ)

Special Thanks to the following Sponsors that made this trip happen:
– Korea Tourism Organization (Singapore)
– EG Sim Card



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