[D3.2] V-Train ride within the Woods & Valley

Finally you’re taking a ride on the V-Train with me in this entry! ^^
‘Vally Train Ride’, known as V-Train, commenced its operation in April’2013. The train travels through the remote mountainous area of Gangwon-do Province and Gyeongsandbuk-do Province.
Like I had mentioned in my previous entry(HERE), the V-Train was also referred to as the “Baby Baekho(white tiger) Train” due to the motif of the train’s exterior which looks like a white tiger running through the Baekdudaegan mountain range.
(read more over HERE)

The design of V-Train is slightly different from O-Train. The V-train ride is only 1hr10mins journey ride; and its final stop would be Cheoram Station.
With 3 cars in total, V-train could accommodate up to 158 people with an observatory space and a cafe(at last car) to accommodate the travellers. If you have yet to realize….

The windows in V-Train could be adjusted!

I really really like the design of the V-Train as you could not only be able to have a better view of the scenery through those clear glasses, as well as breathing through those fresh mountain air. 😀

Let’s have a peek here~

1st pit-stop – Yangwon (5mins break)

Nothing much over here except some of the local snacks and drinks and nuts!:P
The sun is too shinning till I couldn’t open my eyes. LOL!

While waiting, I walked about inside the ‘cars’ of the train and I found this cute noticeboard!
You could get the post-stick from the train crew and note down your experience/feelings of V-train and stick it on the board. How cute! 😀

As we entered one of the tunnel…

What a creative way to place these ‘Glow in the Dark’ motif!!!
Everyone gets excited(especially the kids) whenever we entered a tunnel. LOL!

more scenery views
Really pretty isn’t it? Totally #nofilter photos!
My eyes felt so relaxed just by looking at these pretty scenery while the cooling fresh mountain air blow against my cheek while the train moves along.

2nd pit-stop: Seungbu Station (10mins break)

Seungbu Station is well known for its beautiful scenery~


Hop back onto the train and we are heading towards the final stop – Cheoram!

Had a quick photo with one of the train crew.ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Heard that even the train crew uniform has been recreated in-order to look like the ’70s!

Back to Cheoram Station, saw a pretty nice O & V-Train photo and had a quick snap on it.

Walking along the roadside in Cheoram.
By the way, I would like to highlight 1 issue here.
Cheoram is really a small little town, which I would comment that it is not really consider as a tourist attraction?(or rather a ‘dead’ town?!)
Most of the shops were shut-down and there were barely much shops surviving here though. (but there’s a huge wet-market here though! :X)

Since this is the station where we could hop onto the O-Train for our next destination and having about 2hours time to kill, we decided to walk about and look for the mural villages.

After a good 10mins walk..

one of the walk-way in the alley

Had a better view of the mining town behind the train station where we alighted.

More wall paintings..

Stopped by awhile and played with this poor doggie.

random snap

Decided to spend the rest of our time at the G25mart inside the train station with some snacks while updating ourselves with our electronics. HAHA~ 😛
Finally hop onto our O-Train heading towards Yeongwol(영월군)(where we will be staying over for the night)

As it would be a 2hour long train ride, the train stops over at Chujeon station for a 10mins break before it continues its long journey.

When was the last time I see windmills? Jeju Island? Hmmm~


There’s a small tent selling light snacks(Mungbean cake, Goguma(Sweet Potato) and drinks too.

Another stone-stacking time.. LOLS!

Goodbye Chujeon! I hope I would have time to pay a visit to you in the future. 🙂
This marks the end of my V-Train experience with you guys!
I do hope you had a nice ‘ride’ through my entry though. 😛

If you’re travelling to Korea in Spring/Summer/Autumn season(s); I would strongly recommend you guys to give this train ride(s) a try though. ^^

Next Up would be my accommodation with Donggang Cistar Resort, followed by my 1day tour in Yeongwol(영월군)!!

Stay tune~~ 😀



Special Thanks to the following Sponsors that made this trip happen:
– Korea Tourism Organization (Singapore)
– EG Sim Card


6 thoughts on “[D3.2] V-Train ride within the Woods & Valley

  1. jessie

    nice ride you had…
    i’d planned to get onboard one of these during my trip next mth.
    not recommended during winter…?
    as in no scenery, windows cannot be opened…?


    1. yyann

      Hi jessie,

      The reason why I wouldn’t recommend travellers to go during the winter is because it could be much colder, and yes, even though the windows are adjustable, the whole V train is still quite air-ventilated.

      But if you are alright with cold weather, you might want to go ahead and try taking the train rides though. 🙂



  2. tq for this info..i will visiting korea in spring 2015 and I found this..and I will definitely taking ride on v train and i cant wait =)


  3. Ruth

    Hello(: ty for sharing. may I know where do u stay during the o and v train trip? Mind to share the accommodation? Do you think it’s safe for solo traveller? Thanks in advance!(:


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