[Day 4] A Day Tour Trip in Yeongwol(영월군) Part 1

Let’s have a short history recap about Yeongwol~

4 hours train ride away from Seoul, Yeongwol-gun(영월군) is a county in Gangwon Province, which was well-known of the place filled with stories about King Dajong.(6th King of Joseon Dynasty)
He was exiled when he was forced to abdicate by his uncle, who eventually became Sejo of Joseon.

Anyway back to reality. Even though Yeongwol might be a small town, it is a place that is surrounded by tonnes of mountains/hills and long rivers thus it requires a lot of walking and climbing.(YES! when I say A LOT, I’m seriously not joking about it!)

We realized that in Yeongwol, there is alot of advertisement on River Rafting, Paragliding & Hang-Gliding. I had a searched and realized that there is a yearly Yeongwol Donggang Festival (영월 동강축제) where you could enjoy these activities! (Note to self, I want to try this someday HA!)

We actually flag a cab initially to bring us to 1 destination. But the driver was kind enough to even wait for us to finish our ‘tours’ and ferry us around to other attractions of Yeongwol where we planed to go. (How nice isn’t it!)
Best of all, he doesn’t charge EXTRA! (This is really something I like about Korea~ ^^ )

Ready for the journey? 가자!! 😀

Seonam Village (선암마을)

San 180, Ongjeong-ri, Hanbando-myeon, Yeongwol-gun, Gangwon-do
강원도 영월군 한반도면 옹정리 산180번지

Seonam Village (선암마을) is a small town located on the banks of Seogang River in Ongjeong-ri, Seo-myeon, Yeongwol-gun, Gangwon-do province. One of the main attractions over here is the famous cliff that shapes like the Korean Peninsula; with water on 3 sides, high eastern area and lower western area,

start climbing a little~~

340m or 650m?! haha~ of course we choose the shorter route.
Actually if you search on naver, there are many locals who trek all the way to the top to have a bird-eye view of the scenery though.


*SELCA* This is what bloggers DO first after snapping finish the scenery/food. HAHA

Here’s a panoramic view taken from my phone though.
Pretty amazing it isn’t it?

Look at the side..we were joking about the far end(with loads of mountain) represents N.Korea instead.:P

Say Hi to this cute baby who’s enjoying the view too~ ^^

We managed to make a quick trekking around this place and with a 5-10mins cab ride, we had reached our 2nd destination.

Seondol Cliff

my love-hate r/s with korea, AGAIN.

Left or Right? 😛


There is a large rock about 70m high in between Nalgol and Namae-maeul located on the Seogang River riverside that is Seondol. It is also named as Sinseonam due to its picture-like view with a blue river and a rocky cliff.

flow with the river~~~

Really have a great view of these pretty mountains over here

Andy and I say CHEESE

all thanks to our ‘tour-guide’. HAHA~

While walking back to the car-park, Andy decided to get some light snacks from a small tent.
Got him to try 뻥튀기(smth like Rice Cracker). Healthy snack yet addictive HAHA~

After having such a ‘tiring’ early morning, we decided to pay a visit to some historical sites next!
Check out part 2 tomorrow afternoon yeh! 😀

PS: I’m sorry I have to split the day tour into 2 parts.
Too much history and readings to share with you guys. 😛

Do stay tune!

Special Thanks to the following Sponsors that made this trip happen:
– Korea Tourism Organization (Singapore)
– EG Sim Card



One thought on “[Day 4] A Day Tour Trip in Yeongwol(영월군) Part 1

  1. Hi,
    I am interested to visit Yeongwol, to see the places where King Danjong was kept exile and his tomb. Can you guide how to go there by train from Seoul train station? Thank you. I love reading your blog, it’s very informative! Keep up the good work. Have a nice day!


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