[Day 4] A Day Tour Trip in Yeongwol(영월군) Part 2

Jangneung (莊陵) 영월 장릉 [UNESCO World Heritage] 

190, Danjong-ro, Yeongwol-eup, Yeongwol-gun, Gangwon-do
강원 영월군 영월읍 단종로190
Extrance Fee: 1,400won

 Like I mentioned, Yeongwol is filled with history  about Danjong and this is the place of his tomb. Poor dude had been suffering since the age of 12 and been murdered at the age of 17. (He’s suppose to be the KING some more!)
In order to commemorate King Danjong, a religious service called Danjongje is held every year on April 5th, according to the lunar calendar since 1967.

 Autumn is already on its way~~

You’ll realized that there are tonnes of pine trees in this area. It was shown that Danjong loves pine tree(explain in the next destination) and those pine trees planted around the grave site turn their branches like they are bowing to King which creates the mysterious sight.

Eom heung-do Jeongyeogak

This dude is a brave and honourable man!
Back in that era, it was known to the entire country that whoever saved the corpse of King Danjong would be punished for next 3generations. But Eom Heungdo and his family secretly moved the abandoned King Danjong’s corpse by the side of Seoggang River and buried it on the slope of Dongeunjisan Mountain. It was only till 1541, Sheriff Park Chungwon(36th year of the reign of King Jungjong of Yeongwol) found out about the grave and renovated the graveyard area.
Eom heung-do title was rasied to Gongjopanseo(Minister of Industry and Maintenance) and received the posthumous title of Chunguigone(man of loyalty and righteousness)

Everything just sounds so drama-like to me, but apparently its true fact. Or rather, cruelty fact when people wants to be king, they can do anything eh? 😦

 Apparently this is the place where the spirit of King Danjong ‘walks on’ during the religious service, thus it was name as 신도(God’s path). But it seems like there are many ‘Gods wannabe’ or doesn’t even bother the sign and carried on walking to Danjong’s Jeongjagak. (-.-“

Jeongjagak Pavilion – This is where special offering is presented during Danjongje service.

The well-known Yeongcheon Well.
 The well was built-in a square shape and the water were being used during the religious service.


The place where the memorial tablets of 268men and women(32 loya subjects, 186 court officials, 44 military officers and 6 private secretaries) who dedicated their lives for King Danjong are kept.

Had a slight trek up the steep slope to see the royal tomb of King Danjong.

While walking back to the entrance…

such a pretty view of the autumn leaves..

Andy loves roasted chestnut and we happened to see a push-cart selling it nearby. He got so excited that he decided to buy a pack of it and of course, attracting the lovely friendly ‘squirrel’ to snap a photo with him.(inclusive of a hug.HAHA)


Cheongnyongpo Cape (영월,청령포)
San 67-1, Gwangcheon-ri, Nam-myeon, Yeongwol-gun, Gangwon-do
강원 영월군 남면 광천리 산67-1
Extrance Fee: 2,000won

 Located on the upper side of the Namhangang River, Gwangcheon-ri, Nam-myon, Cheongryeongpo was the place where King Danjong was being exiled.  The cape was surrounded by a river to the north, south and east side; where over at the west side, it has steep cliff called Yungnukbong.
This place is like an island that can’t access without a boat; which is why King Danjong described as ‘the spot is like an isolated island in land‘.

A short ‘rocky’ distance walk to the ‘main-land’

A display of the maid servant work/sleep place.

The place where King Danjong stayed in.

Random snap, quite a nice design ha. 😀

Gwaneumsong Pine Tree

 With a height of 30m and diameter of 5m, this Gwaneumsong was known as the favourite spot for King Danjong, as he will occasionally climbed up tree to have a sit or resting during his time of exile.
The age of the tree is unknown, but it was estimated to be about 600years old. =/

PS1: Gwaneumsong (Gwan = To see, Eum = To hear, Song = Pine)
It was said that the tree had seen and heard the misery of King Danjong at such a young age.

PS2: You wouldn’t miss this pine tree as it is located right in the middle of the island though.

 Anyway, there’s a small little hill(Yungnukbong) for you to walk up to see this view~~
It was known that King Danjong loves walking up here to see the crystal clear river(which can see the river bottom too!)

Random snap while waiting for our boat ride: New Balance Group!

We travelled back to Yeongwol train station to retrieve our stuffs.
 Even the train station looks like an entrance of some historical site. I bet if you did not notice it carefully, you might miss it too. =/

 This is something which I would love to share!

The lockers in Yeongwol train station is such a GREAT HELP to us!
We actually placed our belongings in these lockers(varies in size) and it cost only 100won!
and guess what!?

the 100won is REFUNDABLE! 😀

Seriously, can we have such service in Singapore too?

Decided to have a quick-lunch at a restaurant opposite the train station since we only have an hour to spare before our train arrives.

Seriously, I have no idea  and couldn’t remember what is this. LOL!
 Taste like some sort of snail stew?
I had the Sundubu jjigae (순두부찌개) version with this though. Taste was alright even though it doesn’t looks that appealing. LOL! 😛
We were told that this soup is not only to keep us warm, but it is good for our health too!

I shall end the entry with a quick selca on the O-train while returning back to Seoul. (actually the other 2 were sleeping lah~*HAHA*)
Seriously, I might plan to go back to Yeongwol again someday and look at the other historical attractions.
(There are a total of 10, but we only managed to visit 4 of it!)

Love the peaceful lifestyle in Yeongwol, and of course gaining more insights and history of these ‘kingdoms’ of Korea back in those days. 🙂



Special Thanks to the following Sponsors that made this trip happen:
– Korea Tourism Organization (Singapore)
– EG Sim Card


3 thoughts on “[Day 4] A Day Tour Trip in Yeongwol(영월군) Part 2

  1. Huiling says:


    Your part 1 and part 2 post make me wanna fly over there immediately..p.s: i like to see scenary and historical attractions as well:)


  2. toeferitasditas says:

    I love the beauty of nature!!! It is so beautiful to be honest. I shall include this in my itinerary someday 😀 thanks


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