Pojangmacha(포장마차) Experience in K-Drama!

Remember that I was mentioning about this Pojangmacha(포장마차) located right infront of CenterMark hotel?
Well…Since we’re back in Seoul and got a little hungry after checking in our rooms, we decided to head down for some food! 😀
 In the past, these food tentage usually doesn’t provide these translated menu banner though.
I guess these food vendors  realized in the hike trend of  tourists these years and decided to do the banners. 😀

It’s a rainy night and the place was almost full! 😡

Menu that was passed to us; pretty much the same as what you saw on the banner. 😀

The cook was non-other than….an ahjumma! (She cook pretty fast too! HAHA)

Free Oden Soup(FishCake Soup) for us as a form of ‘service’
PS: In korea restaurant/food places, usually the owner would give some additional FREE items as a ‘service’ to gain the diners’ heart! 😀

Happy me! No one could say ‘NO‘ to a bowl of pipping HOT Oden soup on a rainy night okay! *LOL*

Of course we ordered a bottle of Makgeolli(막걸리) to go along with our food. 😛

Food makes us HAPPY. HAHA~ 😛

Well, since we ain’t really THAT hungry, we only ordered 2 sides for sharing~~

Gogi Jeon(고기전) – Meat Pancake

Grilled Squid (구이 오징어)

I know it looks like some 下酒菜(side-dishes for drinking session) though, but it’s just an experience for Andy while we were just plain mouth-itchy. :P.
But as usuall, the food was good but the night ended best with great company and tonnes of talking! 😀

My instagram post~
IF you happen to pass by any Pojangmacha(포장마차), please sit in and do give it a try! But be warned that the price is not really that cheap though!(I mean, it’s slightly more than the average pricing though. =x)

It would be better if you have at least 3-5friends sharing the orders and drink while eating! 😀

PS: Don’t get yourself drunk! 😛



3 thoughts on “Pojangmacha(포장마차) Experience in K-Drama!

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    1. polkadotyyann

      Hi Cherry,

      Im sorry for the late reply.
      You will be given a menu (or there would be menu shown within the tent). Choose your item and order through the ahjumma will do. 🙂



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