[Review] Tony Moly Dual Effect Sleeping Pack

If you’re somebody who’s lazy and can’t wait to ripe the sheet mask off your face and get some work done, I guess you should try this Tony Moly Dual Effect Sleeping Pack! 😀

This mask was introduced to me 3years back(the time where ‘KOREA’ officially stepped into my world. LOL!) and I’m still loving this product! This gel-like mask is super moist and it absorbed into your skin well. If you spread on a slightly thick layer, it takes about 20mins?
(But yeah! I can still work the last bits of stuffs before I hit the sack instead of having the sheet mask sticking on my face. :P)

Best of all, it cost only 15,000 won! (I remember it used to b cheaper though. 😦 )

Okay, this amount was actually a little too much. Usually the size of a 20c coin is more than enough for my fat face. 😛
(1 bottle could last me a good 8-10months for 2-3x application/week!)

Leave it on and only wash it off the next day when you wakes it! ^^
I always love the skin texture of it after the wash as it turns really really smooth!:D

Whitening Effect, Anti-Wrinkle and it keeps you skin moisture well enough; nothing much more I could ask for from this multi-purpose sleep pack as a lazy bum. (HA!) 😀
Go grab a bottle and try it~~ ^^

PS: Do stay tune! Last post of attractions for my Korea trip with KTO is coming up tonight! 😀



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