[Review] Korean Food @ JCube Manna Story

It was a random met up session with a girlfriend of mine a couple of months(before my kr trip only lah!) back since I was having a morning skating session over at JCube.

She suggested to try Manna Story since she was craving for 짜장면(Jajangmyeon) and it would be convenient for me not to lug my skating stuffs around.
I was quite skeptical about it at first though.
Closer peeps around me known that I have a slight expectation while eating korean food. 😛
And I had bad experience(TWICE) eating Manna Story over at Plaza Sing before too.

But oh well, the one located over at Jcube looks pretty convincing to me when I stepped into the dinning area.
A quick view on the menu. (click to enlarge)

Pretty surprise to see Bossam(보쌈) on the menu thus we decided to try that. 😀

I’m happy with the wide varieties of banchan(s) being served too. Best part? It’s refillable!
Ordered 김치볶음밥(Kimchi Fried Rice) for myself.

Nice presentation and it tasted good as well!

SS’s not appealing 짜장면(Jajangmyeon) but taste not too bad.

The highlight of the meal: Bossam(보쌈)
 For the price of $15 where the portion fits well for 2pax, I got to say that it’s really worthy!
*Hats off the chef who made me changed my mind for Manna Story over here though.ㅋㅋ*
(Now I’m craving badly for some Bossam while writing this entry at 3am. (-.-” )

Can’t remember the exact bill but it cost us about $15(+/-) each with a 15% discount off payment with Citibank Card though.

I guess I would head down to Manna Story(JCube) to feast my cravings again soon. 😛

Manna Story (JCube)
2 Jurong East Central 1
#04-19 Singapore 609731

Opening hours:
10am – 9pm

PS: Photos w/o watermark credit back to Manna Story FB Page.



2 thoughts on “[Review] Korean Food @ JCube Manna Story

  1. Carolle

    Hi Yyann,

    I read your blog. My mum and I decided to try manna story at labour day. However, I was so disappointed. The sidedish only have 4 selection now, Not 12 anymore…!!

    This is just for your information.


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