[Review] 태우반점. Chinese- Korean Restaurant in Singapore

 짜장면(jjajangmyeon) aka 炸酱面 is a common dish which were favoured by both chinese and Koreans.
(No doubt, this dish comes from China initially, and the korean improvised it later on)

Yes! You can always see this common dish appearing on TV drama, take-away menu in Korea BUT it’s so RARE to find a GOOD 짜장면 in Singapore.
To be specific, good Chinese-Korean 짜장면. So sad till that fact that I got to cook my own 짜장면at home at times! (read more about self-cook 짜장면 here)

Anyway, pardon the quality of the photos though as I did not bring my camera out!
(Well, last-minute decision as well. LOL!)

Located right over at The Central above Clark Quay Station, the entrance of 태우반점(Tae Woo Restaurant) could be a little tricky to see it and you might even miss it.

(But nevertheless, just remember the way up to Coffee Club and you will be able to spot it. ^^)

Menu display on the wall
(above the cashier counter which you could view it from the entrance too~ ^^)

It’s an open concept dining design over at 태우반점 thus it would be a little hard for bigger group(s) whom prefered to have their own individual room.

Love the cozy concept. The displays were rather in a fusion concept instead of the korean..

Let’s have a look at the menu (click photo to enlarge)
 Pretty standard price for korean food. (I know this might be a little pricey for many, but I really have to emphasize that there’s no CHEAP korean food with CHEAP price. mayb, except in Korea?)
Or maybe I’m much more of a picky eater(嘴巴挑食吧). =/

They serves simple side banchan(refillable)
(black bean sauce, salted vege, onion,kimchi,pickles)

삼선 짜장면 (Seafood Jjajangmyeon) – upsized (+$2)
 We ordered this version instead of the normal one though. =/
Anyway, don’t be fooled by the portion as it is really HUGE!

Love the QQ myeon~
All of us agreed that this is SUPERB. 😀

삼선짬뽕 Jjamppong (Spicy Seafood Noodle) – upsized (+$3)
 The chefs were pretty generous with the servings of seafood though.
Not too bad, but I would prefer it to be more spicy.
(pretty upset that this was not spicy at all for us)

2 bowls of noodle that fits 5 women. (thank god we decided to share instead. HAHA!)

After mixing our 짜장면~
 (PS: NEVER EVER try to eat 짜장면 on the 1st date. It can get pretty messy though. =/)

군만두 Mandu (Fried Dumplings)
 As the Chinese believes that “越简单的食物越是最好吃”(The simplest food taste the best), I do agree though.
We choose the Fried over Steam version and yeah, it was good too! ^^
(But sadly they doesn’t order mix version for this. 😦 )
I would want to try the steam version on my next visit though.

탕수욕 Tang Su Yuk – (Sweet & Sour Pork) -Large-
In case you doesn’t know, KR-CH version of this doesn’t taste as sweet as our local version though.
This is one of the dish where Koreans would always order along with their 짜장면 other than Mandu as well. *thumps up*

고추잡채꽃빵 Gochu Japchae & Kot Bbang (Saulted Shredded Pork with Green Pepper)  -Small-
 We decided to try 1 more additional item from the menu and hoho!
Pretty okay I would say.(But if you love capsicum, this is ❤) ^^
(PS: Use a pair of scissors to cut open the center of the bun and stuff it with loads of the Gochu Japchae!❤❤❤)

Author’s Note:
It was a pretty good experience dining with the ladies and I’m thankful to JH’s recommendation! Didn’t even know this shop existence till he mentioned it. *HAHA*
In another case, I prefer 태우반점’s jjanjangmyeon more to 동방홍(Dong Bang Hong) as I(personally) feel that it’s not that salt-ish)

A note for you guys: 짜장면 portion is a little huge for the ladies, thus I guess you girls can share if you’re not that hungry/small appetite.
The restaurant do offers lunch special and some other set meal as well(per pax), thus you guys can give it a try, and give me your opinion. ^^

Oh! I suppose the restaurant is a little short-handed (I only see 3 people serving on the floor!) and thus do give them a little extra time in serving you too~ ^^)

This is NOT A PAID advertorial by the way. 🙂
Hope you enjoy your food too!

태우반점 (Tae Woo Korean Restaurant) – click to view FB page
6 Eu Tong Sen Street #03-84, Central,
Singapore 059817
Tel.: 6224 8284

Operating Hours:
11 am to 3pm (Lunch)
5pm to 10pm (Dinner)



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