Ladies Guesthouse in Hongdae/Seoul

Being a lady, I believed there are quite a couple of concerns whenever we travel, which includes: – Safety – Cleanliness Guess what! I had never stayed in a guesthouse/dorm before even though I had been to Korea for 6 times? Thus during the last trip, I decided to give myself a trial in a Lady Guesthouse located over at Hongdae. ^^ (btw, I booked my stay from BnBHero!)

The only downside for ladies(especially with tonnes of huge luggage) is that there is no elevator in the building, and it’s located on the highest level. (Level 3) But rest assure after that, the rest are good! ^^

Peek – a – boo~~

I was greeted with a colourful and neat dining kitchen! 😀

Yeah! This is the cute living room with Mdm Lee(who is the owner of the house) sitting down at the corner sewing something for the guesthouse.. =D In case you’re worried about being scam and stuff, Mdm Lee’s apartment has the official certification from Tourism Sector!

You can use the desktop/TV freely though. 😀

I was considered lucky? Mdm Lee actually just started her guesthouse back in Aug’2013, and I’m like her 4th guest in the house! 😀 So… I’m lucky to the fact that…during my 4days stay, I got the entire room to myself. 😛

Mdm Lee told me that since she’s in her retirement now, she decided to make this lady guesthouse a cozy area, where she could interact with guest from all over the world. (her english ain’t very good though, but she does understand simple English if you speak slowly! :D) *TATA* Really pretty bedsheet/pillow covers right? Did you guess it correctly? Mdm Lee actually sew everything herself!!

There are private lockers for you in the room as well. If you book the entire room, you can have the key and locked it. 😀 There’s a dressing table(in all rooms) with a basket filled with items where a lady might need!(Hair Dryer,Comb/Huge Brush/hair rubber-band and even Aroma room diffuser!!!!) To be honest, I felt like I have been pampered with all the basic necessities.

I asked for the permission to peak at the bigger rooms as well. This is the family room that can accommodate 4pax.

Guess what I found at a small corner of the house???? 😮 There’s even additional hair straightener & hair curler provided for you to use. -omg- Seriously, I felt that Mdm Lee really put in a lot of effort in taking care of her lady guest(s) basic necessities. I doubt I would even have thought of such things to be placed in the guesthouse for my guests!

At the same time, if you had read my entry on the previous house review, I did mentioned that I’m a little particular about the washroom in my guesthouse.

*Phew*.. Thank goodness everything are perfectly alright. It’s pretty clean and neat and there’s 2 washroom in the guesthouse as well.

There’s also a little alley at the back for laundry where you can wash your clothing(s).

For ladies who needs a puff, Mdm Lee had also considered this factor too! She had specially corner out a portion of the place in the apartment for you.

This is the mini kitchen/living room where Mdm Lee will always be ‘stationed’ at. (Oh well, she does not sleep in the guesthouse that often though. Her main apartment was just 3mins walk away though) Common refrigerator for everyone. 🙂

Coffee, anyone?

As I often hear how my other friends rant about having free breakfast in the guesthouse, I did look forward to eat and do my own breakfast though. But it works a little different from Mdm Lee’s guesthouse. She actually cooked your breakfast for you, depending on your preference! (You can even asked her to cook some local dishes for you to try though! I just told her that I’m fine with anything she would love to let me try on~~ ^^)

Before I leave on my last day, Mdm Lee had a Selca…ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

For those who wonder where is the guesthouse

If you’re to take airbus bus, you will have to Airport Bus 6002 and alight at Hongik University and walk approx 8mins? But it you’re taking a train, it would be much easier to walk from Hapjeong Station though. (3mins walk)
For more information, you can check out Geranium Ladies Guesthouse via :

Facebook: Geranium Ladies Guesthosue in Seoul

BnBHero booking: Hongdae Female Dorm

To be honest, the price might be a little steep(30,000 won/night), but I felt that it’s reasonable for the safety, location and even personal breakfast! Definitely, I will head back to Mdm Lee apartment soon if i’m travelling alone in Seoul. Highly recommend for first timer female travellers too! 😉 xoxo, yyann


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