[Review] Black Day Celebration with HanSang!

Hooray! It was my pleasure to be invited for a 짜장면(Jjajangmyeon) session over at Hansang Restaurant the other day in celebration with Black Day(14th March)!!

Talking about Black Day, I wonder how many of you actually know the meaning behind it?

14th Feb – Valentine Day
14th March – White Day

So what about the singles?

Oh well.. On 14th April, it’s the day where the singles would gather together and had a feast on 짜장면 together.(Sounds sad isn’t it? But at least the singles have friends company!ㅋㅋㅋ)

Back to Hansang. It was my 3rd trip down to this place and I am always amazed by the size of this restaurant. Even though it might be a little inconvenient, the wide varieties of Korean food offered over here is really .. WOW!!!

But in any case, we’re going to have a korean-chinese menu tonight! 😀 (click on photo to enlarge)

Right after everyone were present, we were served with the basic banchan!
(preserved veg/spinach/pickles/kimchi)


Are you ready for the food? 😉


유린기 (Yoolingi)

유린기 comes from the direction translation of油淋鸡(Chicken covered with oil). It does sounds funny to me though, but back in the early days in Korea, they sort of modified this dish from the usual fried chicken. Instead of frying the chicken along with the sauce, the sauce will only be poured on the chicken once it had been set nicely on the table.
(The sauce consists of Soy sauce, Red pepper, Spicy pepper and Vegetables)

My verdict? It taste not bad. It does have a familiar taste to our taste-bud the moment we had a bite on it, and we concluded that it has a similar taste with our Singapore zhi-char style of Lemon Honey chicken. 😛


만두(Mandu/Steam Dumplings)

A little upset that the mandu wasn’t the korean-style shape which we would usually see, 만두 were usually feast along with 짜장면! (Even when I’m back in Korea, I would always order Mandu with JJM~~)
These cute little mandu does looks normal but the taste were good! I guess they used fresh minced pork, thus it taste good.

깐풍기 (Kkanpunggi)

깐풍기 was another modified dish from the chinese 宫保鸡丁, where fried chicken were glazed in sweet and spicy sauce.
If you are somebody who loves strong peppery taste, this might be your favourite dish.

**Highlight of the night – 짜장면(Jjajangmyeon)

In Hansang, every serving of noodles is made upon order, thus it does take a little longer time to be served. But hey! I wouldn’t mind waiting for fresh food if it is good! 😀

To be honest, I really love the noodle! The taste of the sauce was not very strong but the taste of the 짜장면 is pretty authentic to me. (On top of it, the serving were pretty huge too!!)

In the outlet of Hansang in Turf City, they were well-known for their fusion drinks. I had a chance to try the Yuzu Soju..(oh yeah! I’m a drinker.. =p)

Something refreshing! Love the bite-size yuzu in the soju cocktail

Be it single or not, or you’re craving for some authentic korean food, you can always pay a visit to HANSANG. The wide variety of authentic Korean food on their menu is a favourite hangout among the Korean expats living in Singapore.

Do pay a visit with your friends/family members.
(PS: I brought my parents over and they love it! 🙂 )

HANSANG Korean Restaurant & Market
200 Turf Club Road, #02-14, Main Grandstand
Operating Hours: 11.30am – 10pm (MON-SUN)
Reservations: (+65) 6463 6508
HanSang Website
HanSang Facebook page

Once again, thank you Hansang for extending the invitation as well. ^^



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