Korea Wifi Egg Rental is finally in Singapore!!

PS:  Re-Edit on 2014/06/01 (on Operation Hours & Price Plan/Return/ Other enquiries)
The title of the entry is NOT misleading.

FINALLY…you could get this little ‘eggy’ wifi even way before you step into the Kimchiland for your holiday!
(plus not worrying your flight too early/late and couldn’t make it to their counter on time!!)

Much thanks to…

NEW4U System

The company has decided to bring the rental of this tiny little ‘wifi eggy’ over to Singapore due to the huge demand of Singaporeans heading over to Korea in the recently years.

At the same time, I realized that the timing of arrival to Seoul via budget airline(Scoot) would usually land at 11pm(KST), which most of the rental counter would be closed by the time you had finished clearing the immigrations counters.

But well, fret not for now. Since I could rent this little eggy over in Singapore and returned it upon arrival, why not? ^o^

Do take note!

The rental of this wifi egg (For Korea) is only located over at Changi Airport Terminal 2, Departure Hall,Row 10 (Entrance 5). (It’s pretty near Starbucks Coffee, so you could spot it easily!)
Operation Time: 07:00- 22:00

Saw their counter ‘menu’

Okay, this is a little confusing.
What you saw at the counter is NOT the right information. =X
I had personally called up NEW4U System and double checked the information again at this rental counter as well.
(There are 2-3 companies actually sharing the booth for rental of these WIFI/Sim-Card purchase, thus at the current moment, only NEW4U System is providing the WIFI Egg Rental for Korea in Singapore Changi Airport!)


LG U+ LTE Router

This is the Wifi eggy which you could rent from the counter. It’s actually very small size indeed, half of my palm?!
But anyway, the rental rate details are below:

Rental Rate: $14/day(FLAT rate) OR
Package Rate: 1 Day($14), 5 Days($60)
Deposit: $200 (When loss or damaged, total charge will be $200)
Device Connector(s): Can connect up to 10devices
Data Limit per Day: 500MB (Currently.. They are still adjusting the data limits)

Payment Mode: Cash or Credit Card.
(Choose the days package you would like to rent + $200 deposit at the counter first. Once you return the wifi egg, you will get your deposit refund back)

NO Reservation is needed.
Just head to the counter and purchase your EG Sim-Card/ Rental for Wifi Egg
(But at the current moment, nano-sim is not available yet!)
TBH, I believed many of you are comparing the amount of Data limit is little.(Oh well, I did complain a little initially as well!)
But then again, I realized that I did not even used much data from this ‘eggy’! Whenever my butt hit the sofa in a cafe/hotel room, I would immediately connect the FREE Wifi from that location.
The only time I over-shot the 500MB was when I was in Jinju, when I didn’t have WIFI for my netbook.

But of course, this could help those who doesn’t owns a Credit Card.
You could rent this Wifi Egg in Singapore with your parents/guardian’s card, while you get to take this WIFI egg over to Korea and return it once you’re back in Singapore.
(since many of you have the problem of NOT owning a CC and you need the card-owner to be at the spot to rent the wifi egg back in Korea~~~)


Other alternative(s):

At the same time, NEW4U System had brought in EG Sim card(for purchase) at this counter as well.

Each EG Sim card could be purchase at the rate of 38SGD, along with 500MB.
This sim-card could last up for a month(30days)!

(You can read more about my experience over here or LittleMissHoo’s Experience)

FYI, when you’re collecting your device, the counter staff would explain the procedure of using this device/sim-card before you make payment! There’s even english menu guide attached for you to read and follow the steps too, thus I think this is a good service! *thumbs up*

How to Return the Wifi Egg Device?

I just got the new froms NEW4U System and Changi Airport Group that you could drop off your Wifi egg deviceexxactly the same location where you rented it!

But sadly, it is NOT 24/7 services like what I mentioned previously.. 😦


Oh well, nevertheless..Much thanks to NEW4U System for extending the chance for me to try out their service!
I guess I would just rent/purchase my phone sim-card in Singapore before I fly over. teehee
*I’m a lazy bum!! :P*

In any case you need to know more information/met up with any difficulties with the device egg, feel free to call the hotline below for help!
Singapore: (+65) 6764-6323
Korea: 070-7946-3700

Email them over at:  mobile@new4u.com.sg



19 thoughts on “Korea Wifi Egg Rental is finally in Singapore!!

  1. Kpop❤️

    Hellooo! Thanks for the post! It’ll be so useful when i fly to korea next week!
    Can i check, how much did you pay when you exceed the 500MB?
    Also, is it possible to check how much data we have used for that day?


    1. yyann

      Hi Renay,

      Once you hit the 500mb, it will auto disconnect on its on.
      No worries, if you are using the wifi just for surfing net/whatsapp/fb-ing/twitter or instagram, its for then enough. ^^

      Cheers and have fun!



    1. yyann

      Hi Audrey,

      From what I understand, you do not need to make a reservation.
      Just head down to Changi Airport Reccomends counter and purchase it from there. ^^

      And yes, it could be used on Jeju Island. ^^



  2. Angora Cat

    At $14/day it is expensive. StarHub and M1 capped data roaming at $15/day.
    It was cheaper for me to use data roaming than rent a sim when I was in Japan.
    But surprised to see that Korea is about the same when it should have been cheaper..


    1. yyann

      Hi Anon,

      Currently being offered at the Chang Airport Counter rental booth(for Korea), the information is stated above on my blog post.
      The “menu” at the booth is not the right information(only for Korea).

      Hope it helps!



  3. Lily Oey

    Hi Yann, thanks for this post as i’ll fly to Seoul next month ^^. i think i better buy it here in Changi airport since the price is not much different, any idea if they charge another fee on top of S$38 if i want to get Nano SIM Card for my iPhone5?


    1. yyann

      Hi Jocelyn,

      The wifi egg will be activated on immediate effect once you get it from the counter. 🙂



  4. Christina

    Thanks for the information on your website.

    May I know for the eg SIM card that can be purchase at changi airport, is there a way to recharge the data plan?

    Do advice.



    1. yyann

      Hi Christina,

      Yes! You can either log onto eg Sim website(easier) and top up additional data $$, or you can head over to their Emart or G25 to top up.

      Hope it helps! ^^



    1. yyann

      Hi Li Rong,

      If you are using the data from EG Sim-Card, before it hits the amount, it will alert you via sms.
      Once the data has been used up, the data will be discontinued automatically. 🙂

      Hope it helps!



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