Innisfree BB Cushion Party

Hoooray! I felt honoured to be invited to Innisfree Singapore very first party-event recently!
I was really surprised and happy to receive the invitation when I opened my email! *grins widely*
And before you guys say I’m bias, I have to mention that I had been a fan of Innisfree fan since 2010 okay!!!(It was one of my 언니 who introduced this brand to me on my very 1st trip to Korea and I turned into a fan since then~~)
Anyway, this party invitation was an introduction on their latest new launched BB Cushion(Long-Wear & Water Glow)

The venue was decorated in white & green! 😀

Say hello to Star of the day:
The new Innisfree BB Cushion~

Long Wear – For Oily Skin & Combination Skin with a matt finish
Water Glow – For Dry Skin with slight dewy effect

Some testing on my inner wrist..
Top – Water Glow 13
Bottom- Long Wear 21

Since I’m having some breakout and super dry-skin recently due to the weather, I had decided to pick up Water Glow (13) and try it instead.
 Okay…13 is a little to fair for me.. >.<

But I do like the dewy effect and it feels a little creamy in the texture.
Oh! and it does gives a little cooling effect on my hand though.

There are also a Spring Series of eye shadow(s) and Lip Gloss(Peach & Coral)

Glad they provide and introduced their star items(as always!)

Olive real cleansing tissue & Green Tea Seed Serum

(Both are my favourite items(esp. G.T.S, but the Olive Cleansing Tissue might be a little oily for some)

One of the representative from Korea actually flew in to Singapore and explained the products and common problems that were faced by many ladies during summer season!

So..The new BB Cushion was actually invented to keep our make up long-lasting without much touchup! Green Tea extracts were being used to increase the moist in these BB cushion in order to achieve the No Darkening and Sebum Control.
(sounds good..but a little too chim for me to understand, that’s why I guess I can never be a beauty blogger huh! 😛 LOL! )

Well known make-up artist, Celeste Sng was also at the party to guide us how to achieve pretty look with Innisfree products! 😀
Love her tips and she’s so friendly in person too! ^^

Anyway, she was raving how good(and powerful) this skinny mascara was being able to really brush the inner lashes!

At the end of the party, all of us were given each a bag of gift(including the BB Cushion!!) from Innisfree!
감사합니다~~ 😀
 Rose Gold eyeshadow(03),Water Glow Cushion (21), Eco Eyeliner (01), Scented Fresh Coral(03)

Of course your truely gave it a try on one of the day…(BB Cushion & Eyeliner)
#nofilter #noedit ..HAHA! I know I’m too fair, not justiciable..

Btw, I only applied 2 layers of the BB cushion and and and…a little concealer on top of it to cover some blemishes.
Pretty decent and it last about 5-6hours for me. (about the same timing as my IOPE C21)
Maybe I should bring this BB cushion along my next oversea trip(somewhere hotter) and test! 😀

By the way, these BB cushion(s) will be available in stores(Singapore) from 1st June’14 onwards, at the price of $34(SGD) each.
Go get one and try it yourself though! ^^

Do check out their Facebook Page for more information and latest news update too!

Much thanks to Innisfree Singapore for the invitation!
Can’t wait to try the rest of the product and present you guys my Top 5 favourite products from them too~ (#^o^#)

Next entry up will be back to my trip!
PS: It’s a rare chance, and it’s regarding to… accommodation! 😀



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