My Virgin Experience in… Goshiwon(고시원)!

To begin in this entry…Do let me rant a litte!!! 😛
It really took me a longgggggg way in order to get in contact with a local Goshiwon agent. At the same time, it’s my very first time to try Goshiwon too!!

To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I should give Goshiwon a try initially. But I do have some email requesting about long-term rental for students(especially) who are heading to Korea for school exchange.

We all know that in Korea, their housing system works rather different from most of the countries.
Other than the monthly rental, you need to pay upfront an amount(range from 2-5million won) as a deposit!!! (@#$%^&* I feel you! where can a student get that amount of money..but hey! That’s their system…)
To make things worst, most(or rather ALL) 고시원 sites are in koreans!! (@#$%^&*&^@)

So….I decided to get in contact with 1 of the Goshiwon Agent, Michael, who is pretty nice to give me a trial stay in one of the 고시원 apartment!
(Apparently Michael is working closely with quite a number of Goshiwon Agent in Seoul. You can contact the him (or Justin, who is the english translator working along with him) to help you look for a Goshiwon that fits to your bill alright! ^^)

So..this entry shall mark as one of the most basic Goshiwon that is located at the back-end of Hongdae for you people! 🙂

Back to my experience.
I decided to try out the same style as the Koreans.
Meaning? Shared bathroom and kitchen! 😛

Here you go..
This is my room key

In this outlet of Goshiwon, there are 2 types of rooms available.

1 – The basic room

Yeah! It’s just basically a small room for you to rest and study. No worries about the WIFI as there’s a router in your room, just for you only! *ㅋㅋㅋ*

2 – ‘Upgrade Room’

Okay, ignore my nonsense. I have no idea what should I name it, but of course, this room is much better as it comes with your own mini fridge in the room, along with a TV. Of course, the price would be slighter higher compare to the basic room.

This is how it looks once you closed your door.
There’s a mirror and a phone(for local call) available in all rooms though. ^^

OH YES! In Goshiwon, all of us would be wearing this slippers everywhere we go!(well, it’s to maintain the cleanliness of the Goshiwon)
No worries about your shoe-wears! You will have a locker cabinet at the doorway for you to store it with a lock! 😉

Let’s have a peek at the kitchen/pantry!

11Hongdae Goshiwon4
Most of the ladies label their name on their food items though.
I didn’t get to label mine, but thank god it didn’t went missing. 😛
I guess most of them are pretty conscious about their items eh~~

One of the best thing staying in Goshiwon is that :
1- Free rice
2- Free Kimchi
I’m not kidding with you! If you’re on really low-budget of course, this additional factor does helps you to save cost being a student. 😛

There’s microwave as well..

Of course… You got to clean up the used plates & utensils once you finished using.
Talk about responsibility….:D

At the back of the kitchen, there’s a small corridor that leads the way to…

Laundry Room and additional shoes-storage!

I know you guys were wondering what about the bathroom right…

On the right side would be the washroom, along with a hair-dryer

My Point-Of-View:

To be honest. I did not get quite used to it on the 1st night, but I did eventually.
Somehow or rather, staying in a 고시원 allows me to understand the responsibility of being independent of one-self though.

Of course, I’m someone who still prefers to have my own bathroom, but this experience wasn’t as bad as what I thought too.
The other ladies who stayed in this 고시원(mostly I saw were Koreans) were pretty nice though.
I won’t mind to give this place a stay if I’m really on a low-budget as a student.

Do check out their website, or you could give them a beep via email as well!

No worries about not understanding korean! Justin will be there to help you as well~~ 😉



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