MakeUp Cafe in Korea – Cafe d’ MAKA

During my last trip to Korea, one of my ex-manager decided to have a meet up session, where she decided to bring me this unique cafe!

Cafe d’MAKA was located right at the end of Hongdae, nearer to Hapjeong, where there were much more cafes and local clothing boutiques! I felt so regretful not to wear something nicer that night!!(you’ll know why below~~)

The interior design of the cafe is pretty simple yet cozy!
Cozy cafe design in the daytime, while it turns into a mini bar-cafe in the night~~

Cafe d’MAKA was opened by 2 popular korean make-up artists:
김종현(Kim Jong-Hyun) & 박기석(Park Gi Seok)!

김종현(Kim Jong-Hyun)

(PS: Doesn’t he looks a little like Brian Joo? But in real person…잘생겼어요~~ 😛 )

A little pity the menu is in korean though..
But in this cafe, they do provide quite a fair bit of drinks though. (The coffee was good!)

Heard they have pretty nice macaroons and sweet potato cake though~~

PS: I didn’t have much choices that night! 종현씨 was telling us that we will be the last customers for the day as the cafe will be holding some private event after that.. 😦
But nevertheless, he compensated us(or rather me) in another way… 😛

While he was brewing our coffee and tea, I decided to explore the entire cafe a little~~

Like I mentioned, the slogan for the cafe is “Make-Up for You”, all you need to do is purchase any drink from the menu, and you could try ANY  make-up that is available in the cafe.


Lancome, Bobbi Brown, YSL, Benefit..
Foundation, Eyelinear, Blusher, tint etc…

Look at those shelves full of make-up!!!!!! (*O.O*)

His self-deco Lipstick clock! 😀

This is one of the make-up station~

Even the hallway to the washroom is so cool!

 How thoughtful!!! There’s even hairspray/hair curler (etc)  for you to use..

Being the top few well-known makeup artists in Korea, 종현 and 기석 has worked with many celebrities as well.

Here are some of the celebrities sending their greetings/ their signature:

Really love the concept of the counter

They have been nominated by Seoul Government as one of the K-Beauty Hallyu Attraction too.

So… Like I mentioned earlier…
종현씨 decided to do a FREE-Make Over for me to compensate no food. *LOL*
Here’s the 2nd make-up station(main one as well) in the cafe!
Totally felt like a superstar when I sat infront of the mirror while 종현씨 working on my face.. 😛
종현씨was really nice to give me additional tips on both make-up and skin-care routine due to my super-dry skin though! (Guess what! My skin does improve alot!!)

BTW, if you want to get a make-over from 종현씨 or 기석씨 in the cafe, it’s cost only 30,000won(approx. 35sgd).
35SGD for a full make-up(exclude fake lashes, which you can bring your own/purchase there too) with those high-end make up. I won’t mind for it!! 😛 😛 😛

I shall end off a shy photo taken with 종현씨. (aigoo..he’s really handsome in real person okay! 😛 )
 I look so fugly here cause I really didn’t know my ex-manager is bringing me to such places..*hiakhiak*
How could I waste such good make-up for the night right?
Of course.. I went home to change after that.. 😛

But in any way, if you want to have a trial on those makeup(before you purchase), you can give Cafe d’MAKA a visit when you’re in Seoul!
Or you can grab the chance to take a short break from your Hongdae shopping trip too! 😛

cafe d’MAKA
서울특별시 마포구 서교동 400-16
400-16 1F, Seokyo-Dong, Mapo-Gu Seoul.
(Hapjeong Station Exit 6, 8mins walking distance)

Operating Hours: 12pm – 11pm
Tel no.: 02-332-5579

Naver Blog, Facebook Page



5 thoughts on “MakeUp Cafe in Korea – Cafe d’ MAKA

    1. yyann

      Hi Angela,

      The makeup artist can speak a little english, just not very fluent.
      No reservation is required. :)|



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