What to do in Seoul within 24 hours of Transit?

Over the past 2years, I had friends/readers and even read some posts on the forum where one gets a transit over in Korea. Most of them would seek help in getting ideas what they should do when they only have about 12-24hours of transit before they need to hop onto their flight heading to the next destination.

I had decided to split this entry up into 4 Sections:
– Attractions in Seoul
– Cafe Street Visit
– Seouly Shopping
– Unique Experience Only in Korea

Yes! You can mix and match the itinerary on your own and make the 12-24hours of stay a mixture of tourist-FIT(Free Independent Traveller) feel. Can’t wait to read it? Let’s go! 🙂

Attractions in Seoul

Gyeongbokgung Palace (경복궁)

Changdeokgung Palace (창덕궁과 후원) + Secret Garden Tour

The royal palace(s) in Korea are well-known as virtual outdoor museum of treasured relics! So why not get yourself a short little tour in the palace(s) and soak yourself in with a some knowledge of its past history? Personally, I love my visit 창덕궁(Changdeokgung Palace) along with a private tour in the secret garden in the palace. It’s up to individual though. 🙂

Hangang River Ferry Cruise (한강유람선)

As time is precious, the thought of having a stroll along the Han River were usually struck off from the list. But hey! This is the river that splits up Seoul City into 2 parts(North & South) with a length up to 500km! Meanwhile, this river has tonnes of history and scenery view behind it as well! Why not grab a chance and hop onto the ferry and have a short tour in it. Not only you could get to see the beautiful scenery of Seoul city, other areas like the  Jeoldusan Park, well-known 63 City Building and many other famous tourist spot too.

Check out another blogger photos on his Han River Ferry experience here.

Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain (반포대교 달빛무지개분수)

This bridge has been known as the World’s Longest Bridge Fountain, and there are a few timing slots for its water fountain performance!(Both day and night) During the day, the fountain shows a hundred different configurations meant to evoke waving willow branches and willow leaves. When the sun goes down, 200 lights illuminate the fountain as it sends up dancing, rainbow-colored jets of water in the air in synchronization with music.

Hyehwa Station (혜화역)

One of my favourite station on the subway map of Seoul. No joke!
There are so many attractive places being stationed in this area and I have yet finish exploring this place as well.

The old campus of SNU(Seoul National Uni) was once located here, and there are many musical theatres located in this area as well. If you’re interested, you could simply catch a local musical play at a cheap rate range from 25,000won onwards.(of course, the play would be in korean…….)

Alternatively, you can hike up slowly towards the mural art village for a photo taking session! (read more here)

Oh! Not to mention that even though this place is a favourite hangout for many students, many actors and actress does appear in this area often too! If you’re lucky, you might meet them on the street. 😛

PS: Haklim Dabang is also located in this area! Sounds familiar? Yes! It’s the filming location for “You Who Came From The Star”, where Do Min Jun met up with Professor for a cup of coffe. (Read more about Hyehwa here)

N Seoul Tower

I doubt I need to explain further on this, isn’t it? 🙂 But of course, I would usually recommend to head over this place in the evening(around 4-5pm?). You’ll be able to enjoy the sunset and the night view lighting of Seoul City.

Cafe Street Visit

Samcheondong Cafe Street(삼청동)

Another favourite place of mine and often hanging out in this area too. As there are tonnes of cafes in this street, feel free to explore around before you decide to step into one!
(read my experience here)

Garosu-gil Cafe Street (Sinsa Station)

Feeling lazy yet you want a cuppa break in Gangnam area? Pop over to Garosu-gil street and soak yourself into the ambience of the bustling street in Gangnam! Trust me, the feelings is just different compare to the other areas in Seoul. (^o^)
(read more here)
(my personal experience in Garosu-gil)

Hapjeong Cafe Street

Even though this place is much well-known as a Fashion Street to the koreans due to the large number of local designer boutiques, there are quite a couple of unique cafes being sanwiched in-between the alleys too. If you’re a person who loves to take #OOTD or fashion street photos, this is a good location! Many korean models do snap their photos in this area as well.
(read more here)
(Cafe d’MAKA – Make Up Cafe in Hapjeong by polkadotyyan)


I wouldn’t explain much on this. Maybe just a short description for you guys ok?

Myeongdong – focus more Makeup/Facial products, simple clothings, souvenirs
Ewha Woman Uni/Hongik(known as Hongdae) – Great shopping area for students. You might be able to reduce prices with the store owners IF there’s no price tag stated on it.
Gangnam Underground – Shopping Paradise. Just shop and no talk. 😛
Dongdaemun Mall – Unless you’re getting in bulk/specific clothings, it’s a little worthless to spend time here

Additional Bonus for you guys..

Konkuk University Station.

It’s one of my favourite place as it caters everything.
Shopping. Cafes. Good Food. Drinking place(night). and as well as Hair Salon. (most of the hair salons in this area have at least 1 or 2 person who could communicate in English/Chinese)

Oh! And Super Junior main vocalist – Yesung’s cafe(Mouse Rabbit) is located over here as well!

Unique Experience Only in Korea


If you have additional time to spare/wish to get a quick bath and some resting time, you might want to consider spending sometime in this public bathhouse! It’s Cheap, Convenient and great place to re-charge yourself from a long flight. Why not? 😛
(read more here)

통인시장(Tong-in Market)

So much food to try yet little time to do so?
Then pali pali head over to Tong-In market and have a mini ‘buffet’ spread on the amount of korean food you wish to indulge on with only 5,000won!(of course you can spend more than that!)
Who knows, you might be able to grab some korean local snacks over here too. #^^#
(read my experience here)

Naksan Park Hiking Trail (Short)

If you’re like me, who prefers to be alone and spend sometime having a short break in a quiet place with great scenery, you might want to consider having a short hike trail here. Be it day or night, the view of Seoul that offers from the peak of Naksan is just awesome.

(read more here)

I hope this entry would be able to help you guys much! Feel free to add-on enquiries/comments if you have any.

Till then, 안녕!!

PS: Photos without watermark credits back to google images.



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