Korean Dessert Cafe: Sulbing(설빙)


During my last trip to Korea, I just came to realise that I had only managed to pay a visit to only 2 팥빙수(patbingsu) cafe!! (But I ate more than 3times~~)

Reason being?

I got hooked onto the yummy 팥빙수설빙 that were served in Sulbing!

*sulbing outlet in konkuk uni station*

Sulbing(known as 雪冰) was originated from Busan though.
Instead of using shaved ice like any other patbingsu, those tiny white flakes are actually frozen milk flakes! (finally I understand why it taste sooo yummy and sweet~~)

A korean friend told me that most of their original flavours comes with a Injeolmi (인절미), which is a soft rice-cake coated with sweet bean powder on top of 밀크팥(Azuki Red Bean); and it is being served along with a small container filled with condensed milk.
(you are supposed to pour the condensed milk on top of your 설빙)

Here’s a view of the season special at that time: Strawberry 설빙
 Couldn’t help but ordered an additional serving of ice-cream topped with soya bean powder & caramel drizzle. *sinfullllllll*

Sulbing @ Konkuk University Station (Facebook)
서울특별시 광진구 화양동 7-3 한림타워 1층
Seoul, Korea 612-32
Konkuk University Station (Exit 1, below the overhead-bridge)

Phone no.: +82 2-3409-5381
Opening Hours: Opening Hours: 11am – 11pm


At the same time, I couldn’t resist my sweet tooth again. Met up with another friend during my visit and she told me there’s a new 설빙 branch over at Insadong area too!! *gasp*

Look at the amount of people in the cafe!!
(Pssss… It was on a Monday afternoon when I stepped into this cafe!!)

And I realized that most of the patrons in 설빙 were Koreans though~
It seems like a great place for dating tooo~~~ ㅋㅋㅋ

While waiting….

*Dried Red-Date flakes, Tteok(rice cake), Azuki Red Bean*
My friend decided to order this unique flavour for me since I was craving for some sugar.
(HAHA! But this was really S-W-E-E-T to the max!!)

If you’re craving for some toast, 설빙 does serves Injeolmi Toast(another special item) on their menu and coffee too.
If you need some complimentary water, they have both warm and iced green tea stationed at a corner near their cashier/corners in the cafe as well! 😀

Insadong Sulbing (facebook)
종로구 인사동 39번지 2,3층
Seoul, Korea 110-290

Phone no.: +82 70-4227-2665
Opening Hours: 11am – 11pm

PS: It’s Summer Season over in Korea now. An additional excuse to eat more patbingsuuuuuuuu~~
And I heard that their season special right now is MANGO 설빙!! *drools~~*



5 thoughts on “Korean Dessert Cafe: Sulbing(설빙)

  1. Hello im going to korea in a few days and I was hoping you could help me with the specific directions to the sulbing cafe in konkuk university. Like what shops are beside the cafe and such. I really hope you are able to help me with this. 🙂


    1. yyann


      So sorry for the late reply.
      I remember it should be exit 6. If not it should be opposite side, but you could see it on the main street though. The store is pretty big and along the main road side. ^^

      Have fun!



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