My Top 5 innisfree products~

This post has been ‘saved’ in my draft box for quite sometime!! =/

But as promised, I will be introducing my Top 5 favourite products from Innisfree though. 🙂

1. Green Tea Seed Serum Special Set

(but the main highlight – Green Tea Seed Serum)

I know everyone has been saying how great this product works, and I got to agree that it’s really awesome! 😀
After applying the serum, my skin does felt softer and it does help to absorb the other stuffs that I’m applying better as well.

(PS: Heard the serum works the best if you apply within 3 seconds after washing your face!)


2.Olive Real Multi Salve

This tiny little thing is far best item for me, and I would always carry it along with me whenever I go!
Best part? It can be applied to any parts of your body! (face/hands or body)

I remembered the weather was bitter cold and my skin was super-duper dry during my first trip. A HK friend gave me this moisturizer and it does work wonder!
During one of my purchase trip back in Korea, one of the Innisfree staff told me this little tip:
– Apply a thin layer of the moisturizer on your lip and leave it on for 3 mins.
– Use a Q-tip to exfoliate the dead skins on your lip and wash it off with running water

Try it! You’ll feel your lips very moisture and clean.
Easy to apply your lipstick without any cracks as well. 😀


3. Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask
 Another lovely items which almost everyone around me are using it as well.

Helps to tighten pores, removes sebum and exfoliate dead skins very well(at least for me!) and I’m having lesser whiteheads! xDD
(Well, I’m a lazy bum…and I use it 1x weekly/fortnightly though.. =P)

4.  No-Sebum Mineral Powder

Very fine powder and helps in mattifying your skin! Works so much better than my NYX loose powder.
But just beware of applying too much on your skin as the powder is really WHITE. (Once i felt that I look like a lifeless person cause I accidentally applied too much on my face..=/)


5. Green Tea Mineral Mist
Another favourite item which I will carry around with anywhere I go.

It works best when:
1- have a quick spray after you finished applying your makeup.(it does help to set your makeup)
2- Quick spray when you felt the weather is too hot

And sometimes after a quick wash-up from the hot weather, I would have a quick spray to keep my face moist too~ ^^
(PS: I prefer this than honey though. The honey mist smelt too sweet for me.. =/)


Hooray! I had finally introduced my Top 5 favourites from Innisfree.
What about yours? Do leave me some comments and tell me about it too~ =D

Till then,
안녕 ~~ ^^



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