Budget Flight to Jeju Island? Read to find out how to do so!

It’s summer season right now in Korea and many people(especially the Koreans) love to head over to Jeju Island for a short getaway!
(TBH, I miss Jeju island too~~)

Thus…I had decided to come up with this entry for you guys.. The  Budget flights to Jeju! 🙂

To be honest, there isn’t much budget airline offers english site at the initial stage! But right now, you have a total of 3 different budget airline that could cater to your needs! 😉

English-Friendly Airline:

1. Jeju Air – http://www.jejuair.net/

YES! I would recommend this airline the most due to the low price and seats were pretty okay.
(Come on! It’s only a 45mins ride~)
They do offer the flight tickets(bound) as low as less than 80,000won during their offer period!!

TIP: Do sign-up for their newsletter as they would always notify the offers to their members pretty often! 😉

2. Air Busan – http://en.airbusan.com/Since Air Busan is a subsidiary of Asiana Airlines, I’m sure this airline offers pretty decent seats and pricing too.

No worries on language barrier and it doesn’t cost a big hole from your credit card too~
(PS: Best service from Air Busan, they allow passengers to choose their preferred seat F-R-E-E!! I’m sooo gonna try this flight my next trip!!)


3. Eastar Jet – http://www.eastarjet.com/book/index.htm

One of the favourite budget airline used by tourists as they are the very first one that offers english-booking system.Price seems reasonable from their site as well! 😉

Non-English Site (Only available in Korean):

Jin Air – http://www.jinair.com/
One of the budget domestic airline the locals preferred as Jin Air is the subsidiary of Korean Air. Sadly, they doesn’t offer english-booking system. 😦

T’Way Air – http://www.twayair.com/
Another local favourites and only available in korean.


Additional TIP:

Korean Air

Asiana Air

Do you know that you’ll be entitled up to 50% discount off for your flight to Jeju Island if you’re flying to Seoul via Korean Air or Asiana Airline??

YES! It’s true… BUT…

You need to book the flight(to Jeju) at the same time along with your air-flight to Seoul.
(Meaning you got to book 2 different flights at the same time to be entitled with the discount)


Some additional thing you should take note on:

** Please note that ALL(or rather most) of the booking system in Korea ONLY ACCEPT VISA credit card payment.
If your card is a MASTERCARD, your booking will not be able to get through. 🙂

Now I had shared with you guys on the different budget airways you could work around to get over to Jeju Island. Time to get some planning for your trips yeah?

Hope this entry would be a great help to you guys!




2 thoughts on “Budget Flight to Jeju Island? Read to find out how to do so!

    1. yyann

      ahh! I shall give air busan a try the next time round!
      Thanks for the tips!

      KE or OZ offers were pretty good too! It cost about 70-90SGD if you book together with your flight to Seoul though.. ^^



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