Chuseok Celebration with Hansang

While the chinese celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival(aka MoonCake Festival), which is known as Chuseok Festival for the Koreans, which marks one of the major festivals for them!

Back in Korea, the entire family would commemorate this festival by gathering together and celebrate the occasion with prayers and tonnes of food. ^^

Meanwhile, much thanks to Hansang for extending the invitation to have a trial on their ‘Chuseok Menu’ few days ago, which I enjoyed a lot!

Always beam like a kid with those colourful banchans served before the main course.

Being a person who loves to drink,*cough*, I decided to explore the varies of fruit soju on the menu.
This is Grapefruit Soju(a little too mild for me though) πŸ˜›

Seafood Salad
It has been one of my favourite dish! The chefs were generous with the amount of seafood along with the Korea-mustard sauce as the dressing. Taste really yummy!! *slurps*


Do I still need to intro much on this? γ…‹γ…‹γ…‹

Pan-fried fritters

I heard that it is a tradition to eat this during Chuseok.(and its usually being offered in prayers too)
HA! Most korean loves this dish(or would miss this dearly esp. for those working overseas), as it serves as a comfort food for most of them.
Fried Mushroom/Prawn/Cod fish/Cumcumber/Meatball

(PS: This dish will only be available during Chuseok and it’s not available in the set meal. You have to order this dish separately)

When there’s a such vegetable being placed on your table…

It means we are going to have BBQ!

First up:

Pork Platter (Top to Bottom up – Pork Rib/Collar Meat/Pork Jowel/Pork Loin/Pork Belly)

Pork Rib/Pork Loin/Pork Jowel/Pork Collar

We all know that Koreans would wrap Kimchi and banchan along with their meat and munch on it

But..there’s another way to do so too.
Next time, try wrapping your meat(non-marinated) with a sliced of radish!

At the same time, we had a 2nd servings of meat:

Beef platter (La Beef ribs/Wagyu Fillet/Wagyu Brisket/Prime Ribeye/Marinated Short ribs)

Omg..I’m drooling while typing and staring at these ribeye slices…

Just when I thought the dinner was about to end, a waiter came in and served as each a pot of..

λˆ„λ£½μ§€ (Nurungji- Hot Pot boiling rice)

λˆ„λ£½μ§€, known as 焦ι₯­(burnt rice) is a common yet healthy & yummy food among the koreans. After scooping out the rice, You can either eat it in the crispy state, or by adding in hot water to make it into λˆ„λ£½μ§€λ°₯, which taste a little like congee. It was known to believe that it could help in your digestion after a heavy meal.

In order to complete a meal, the Koreans would usually have 냉면(Cold Noodle) after a BBQ session.
HanSang decided to serves the HanJeongSik style for the BBQ set diners for this Chuseok season.

Steps to follow:
1) BBQ meat
2) Dolsot bap(as above) with 된μž₯찌개 (Soybean Paste Stew) after scooping out the rice
3) Add in hot water to λˆ„λ£½μ§€.

No doubt, your truly was stuffed to the brim that night.(HA! There goes my diet plans)
But hey! It’s Chuseok, a time for celebration with your loves ones. πŸ˜›

At the same time, if you’re not interested in the BBQ set, HanSang is offering the HanJeongSik(Course Meal) during the Chuseok period as well.

Each meal would include 6 different types of main dish(Beef Bulgogi,Spicy Pork Bulgogi, Grilled Mackerel, Jokbal(Pig’s trotter), Bossam(Boiled Pork Belly) and Sweet & Spicy Pork Rib) along with the side dishs we had(Japchae/Seafood Salad and additional 청포묡(Green Pea Jelly w Vege.)

Great news for you readers!

The original price for 1pax to enjoy the Chuseok Special Set Meal(Either BBQ or HanJeongSik) was 90++SGD.
Right now, HanSang is having a 50% off!!

So, that explains that each pax cost 45++SGD at the current moment.
It might be a little expensive for most of you imo, but I guess the quality of the food is worth the price.

Can’t wait. I might be heading back to try HanJeongSik on my own though. There’s Jokbal and Bossam!! (><)

(PS 1: FYI,BBQ set includes both the Beef and Pork Platters
PS 2: Price stated above does not includes GST/Service Charges)

HANSANG Korean Restaurant & Market
200 Turf Club Road, #02-14, Main Grandstand
Operating Hours: 11.30am – 10pm (MON-SUN)
Reservations: (+65) 6463 6508
HanSang Website
HanSang Facebook page

Meanwhile, for those Koreans or any of YOU who loves to have a try on the Chuseok Menu celebration, do head over to HanSang and give it a try!

Once again, thank you Hansang for extending the invitation as well. ^^



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